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  • There are 4 Mechanoreceptors that are worth looking into; Merkel receptor, Meissner corpuscle, Ruffini cylinder & Pacinian corpuscle. Haven't looked into them because some are deeper in the skin and there appears to be less of a knowledge-base around them, as well as the sensations they correspond to might feel weird. I…
  • Thank-you for your response dokclaw, Nociceptors are certainly a concern because they branch out into the epidermis. However this is why we are studying CCK & Math1; "Recently, Haeberle isolated MCs from genetically modified mice expressing green fluorescent protein driven by the Math1 promotor. In the epidermis, the…
  • Having that warning out of the way - to answer your question, optogenetics on humans, look at Sheila Nirenberg's work. It works well with neurons (the whole point of it) and have been successfully used in rat for Merkel cells as well. Yes I intend to use the smart watch as a stimulation source. We have been working as of…
  • This isn't like sticking magnets in your fingers, I'm not suggesting anyone actually try this, there should be strict protocols in place. I certainly wouldn't recommend asking a friend for a random viral vector and just injecting yourself with it. Each new viral vector needs to be substantially tested in mammalian models…
  • Here's some pics of the smart watch & app and a rough example of it being worn
  • I'm unsure how transplanting would work, and if they'd attach to neural endings on their own. A treated skin graft might be possible but you'd need a way to repair nerve damage. There is 3 mechanoreceptors that look interesting - Merkel Cells, Meissner corpuscles & Ruffini endings. The first two are involved in "light…