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  • @AlexSmith any updates?
  • I don't remember doing anything bad to it. It never really hurt, this thing kinda just showed up and now it's gone.
  • This morning while I was washing my hands, it just fell off. Now it looks like this. It also kinda looks like I can see the magnet so I think it's being rejected.
  • Has it been four days? shit. Here's where I'm at: I tried icing it and I did get a lancet, both made it smaller but it's still here. I'm going to the doctor on Tuesday... 
  • Update: I found a needle before reading your post @Cassox and followed what @FrankMatheson said (with the bandage and waiting an hour) and the only thing I saw was blood. No puss or anything white or green. While it did bleed it's still there so I'll ice and elevate in a bit and update you all.
  • @FrankMatheson I probably use the magnet everyday but it's for a short amount of while I'm moving my hand around on my computer or mobile devices. I've never stuck it to anything for more than a minute. I've been using alcohol and salt water (the kind you would use for a piercing) to clean it, but mostly salt water. Both…
  • @BirdMachine do you have the EPOC or EPOC+? How do you like it? Python and C were two languages I wanted to use so that's not a good sign. I can make a 16 channel BCI based off open hardware and OSS for, at most, the price of EPOC+ and full SDK. Plus since my device would be open I'd eventually be able to upgrade to 32…
  • If I went with Emotiv it would have to be the EPOC+ or Insight since they have bluetooth but the Insight isn't out right now. Also is the SDK free? It almost doesn't seem like it. The full SDK (to read raw EEG data) is an additional $300 USD. Bringing the total to 800 (for the EPOC+ and full SDK), which is more than I can…
  • This is an interesting idea in theory but I think it doesn't work well in the real world. This would kinda be like implanting a cold wallet inside of you. It would be better if it was an active wallet that you could use whenever you wanted. Also it's not so much a "wallet" as it is the private key to the specific address.…
  • @Osteth do you really think we'll be seeing SoCs anytime soon in desktop computing? Current SoCs don't have the power that a desktop CPU has. Also the decline in yearly gain in computing power isn't a technological problem, it's an economic problem. The majority of computer users only need a 4 core (single threaded) CPU…
  • Why has there been talks of moving behind TOR? Is there any benefit for a site like this? Once the site gets over to the new server will you using newer software to run it or keep it the same? If you are changing it, will you be using custom software or a public framework for forums?
  • If you can't raise the money for the computer you should build a network "super"computer and ask for biohackers to donate computing power to you. SETI@home uses BOINC for their project. It might be something worth looking into. http://boinc.berkeley.edu/ http://boinc.berkeley.edu/trac/wiki/CreateProjectCookbook edit: @IDPS…
  • If the device used a low enough power would it be possible to draw the electricity from the body? In what ways might that be possible? 
  • I just ordered a magnet from Dangerous Things, so whenever that comes in I shall have my first implant! Can't wait! One more thing I'm curious about is interacting with a computer. Do you ever stick to yours? How has it affected your typing? I write code all day, so my ability to type is pretty important.
  • When will the Dangerous Things partners be getting the magnets? Will there be any difference in cost? I'm debating whether I should buy my own and have a partner implant it for me, or just wait for him to get them in. I don't think I'm ready to do a self-implant.
  • I don't mean to hijack this thread, but what are some good books to read up on biology? Mainly related to the things on this site. I have taken a few bio classes, but not many and they were a few years ago.
  • @McSTUFF yeah, I've been looking at that thread, after reading through it, 10 no longer seems it's as good of an idea as I thought it would be. It's very clear I have a lot to learn...
  • @McSTUFF thanks for the welcome! Is one magnet really that useful? I plan to start with one (to make sure I like it), but in my head 10 seems more useful.
  • What would you do with it? Any specific plans/ideas?
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