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  • I just finished removing my friends ntag216 before she undergoes MRI (MRT) tomorrow. Besides all possible issues to her body, we don't want to have the implant destroyed.
  • I also recommend the xposed-module. It works nice with device encryption, so you can use strong passphrases while unlocking the phone quickly at the same time. Anyway, it is not really good as it seems to just take the tags id to unlock. R I haven't found a solution yet, that really benefits of, let's say, the 800+ bytes…
  • Ok, I start reading through it, remove some spam and then begin editing articles. I just recognize there are problems with numbered lists. Sub-points don't show up in my edits as they should.
  • Very nice, so apparently it is readable without using super sized coils. Does it transmit the temperature to the android device via Bluetooth?
  • The main concern for me would indeed be the contact with the hard bone of the scull. But this may vary widely due to live circumstances, like if you do sports like boxing or mma or if you have to wear helmets in your profession and so on. Second thought is, that your scull is not really "sealed". The bone is of porous…
  • Well, as @TimmyCNinja suggested, I may well print a step by step list of the actions performed. I decided against it, because the procedure itself is quite redundant to others in terms of location, antiseptic measures and the like. I want to rather explain the benefits and drawbacks of using scissors as a tool. First said,…
  • It worked way better for me than the "cut with a scalpel and make a pocket with a probe"-method suggested to use for implantation of magnets. I had one of that nice "coronary-scissors" that are used in pathology in mind - that would be ideal, but like I mentioned this scissors worked very well too. First time I used a…