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  • @RealityWizard and @TheGreyKnight thank you both i will look into what you guys have shared this is very helpful
  • @TheGreyKnight so what if i try and create a crude prototype of a inertial dampener one that would transfer the force similar to how the wind force on a plane is distributed around it because of the shape of the nose?
  • @TheGreyKnight thank you this is exactly what i was trying to state and asking what i would need to do to go about it i have a tough time getting my thoughts out and i can be confusing when i'm not trying to be. to awenser your first question yes that's what i want to achieve but i want to eliminate the nasty after effects…
  • i want to try and make a mechanical device that will enhance or support the muscles to allow humans to pick up much heavier objects or allow them to run run faster. I see how the way i was explaining it before doesn't really state this and i apologize for that. my intention is to build a device that will enhance the…
  • i want to create a mechanical device that will boost the human bodies strength and speed. ya sorry bout the ATP thing i struggle sometimes with collectively displaying my thoughts. also i will look into some courses on anatomy and physiology thank you that is most helpful. ightden i will ask you kindly one more time to…
  • i want to go with a more mechanical and electrical route. using any type of drug, herb, or vitamin is my last resort
  • lol ok im really intersted in doing this project and i will admit im a little lost as to how i should conduct my reasearch but lets try and refrain from jokes such as your PCP comment ok? :)
  • ok thank you and any ideas on how i might be able to trigger the response im looking for without forcing adrenaline into the body? UPDATE---i have figured out through research that i need to direct my attention to a chemical in the body known as Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) this chemical is triggered by adrenaline and is…
  • Ok any ideas on how i might be able to trigger the response and any suggestions on what particular brain reader i can start off with?
  • well to the best of my knowledge adrenaline plays a roll in the fight or flight response of the human brain and animal instinct but in some cases it has been reported that people who have had situations where adrenaline is released in their bodies will have brief moments of strength or speed i want to create something…