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  • @Chironex Thanks for the heads up. I took the time and found Thunderf00t happens to have a video in regards to the "real" hoverboards and showed the experiment how I had it in mind. Also thanks for the added details. I was just thinking while I was spending time in the restroom doing my business and thought of this and how…
  • I'm looking to clarify that the magnet would indeed levitate over a piece of rapidly spinning or rotating conductive material. So the question is, does the levitation of the magnet actually work as I think it would? Mathematically it's rather sound, but still would rather know if it works in practice.
  • The areas right around the knuckles on the back of the hand should do relatively well. You can also do them in the earlobes for use as wireless speakers. I know this one gal that has a magnet in one of her nipples. What I do to find sensitive areas is to use a set of nail clippers or anything with a pointy edge and just…
  • I recommend the penis near the glans. I love having my laptop in my lap for obvious reasons.
  • Likely it would swell up your entire hand and cause you to go to the ER with risk of you losing said digit. People like you are actually the reason that I've been researching the possibility of growing bone around implants. Confession: I have this same allergy.
  • Nothing wrong with reading a crap ton of material, reading and discourse are great ways to learn.
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  • Granted there's also benefits to an artificial womb. As mentioned earlier we can make eggs and sperm from stem cells and sperm, and there's likely plenty people who want to raise children that just can't, regardless if the person or couple are LGBT, TFL'er or MGTOW/WGTOW or just a couple that's just sterile, the doors open…
  • @jameskhaos You're welcome to steal my content from YouTube, I release my stuff as public domain anyway.
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  • Can't TiN be electroplated?
  • I'm human and will likely be human for a very long time, at least until death unless something comes along that extends our life expectancy to greater lengths allowing us to live long enough to see the day this kind of stuff might come around. As our current life expectancy goes, I don't see myself ever seeing the day…
  • Honestly I'm thinking if biology and technology can be integrated together, not just grinders but also introducing living tissue into technology, it's possible for a machine to experience sexual gratification in theory at least. For example if your robotic partner has a circuit board and all (however it's actually done and…
  • @Glims hold on, reading. Already starting to smile a few posts in. Technically though, in regards to computers like that, before I continue reading on, rat brains. Ok, now I'm going to finish reading.
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  • My two cents involves the fact that it's becoming more and more likely that we'll end up with both male and female sex robots (of which the female sex bot is already being protested against by a certain group I won't mention to contain butthurt), however it's something that's coming whether people like it or not. Then…
  • Couldn't find them either, I was hoping to read them for the laughs.
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  • @Nick1 The idea principle behind it is that the bone, if broken somehow, would indeed heal as it's fed after implanation from the body. The idea is to make implants that could heal. It would still be worthwhile to have other coating to avoid having direct content with the magnet, so things from like Dangerous Things would…
  • Yeah, I'm just going to continue researching and just compile a paper on what I've learned and publish it. Maybe it'll come in handy or useful for someone with greater resources than myself.
  • @Chironex my first attempt at the experiment won't involve bone but living animal tissue, I'm way too far early be to dealing with experimenting with human tissues at the moment. And that is one of the roadblocks I've hit in my research is the requirements for growing bone into a specified shape. I need more lab equipment…
  • @glims don't make fun of my fungus computer, I grew it myself, alongside my tardis man.
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  • Thanks for the linkage and details. So they've done something similar, but not exact, so my project does have a few key differences. One is the attempt to grow actual bone around the implant and completely seal it organically. Second, considering the nature of the coating, I've also taken into account from the shared…
  • @ElectricFeel Then you'll probably hate knowing of my current bioproofing experiment. Hurts like hell. Get a culture of your own bone, grow it around the magnet.
  • Agreed, an ER physician would know a heck of a lot better. Also just realized after watching a few more vids that people are using insulin needles, wrong needle, you will not get a proper block using that. At best you'll have half the digit numbed but not the fingertip. I'm not placing my next magnet in the fingertips,…
  • Please link me to the podcast when it's available. I'd love to have a listen.
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  • [revised] Well I was suggesting to take antibiotics to try and save it or to cut it open and remove it. You did the route I would've taken. Let it heal up before trying again and be sure to really get that magnet sanitized very good before trying with the same magnet again.
  • This is one of those things that might be good to throw into a Hall of Shame forum category.
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  • You can emulate the supposed effect by simply using both hands. Stretch the corners of your eye while using your other hand to keep the eyelids themselves from closing over the iris. No need to cut to see if this works for you. Hint: It won't work, because that's not how eyes work. Sorry but there's some stuff that should…
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