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  • I am all for this. As I've delved more into grinding, I've also been focusing a lot more on my body and getting it to a more optimum level before additions. I quit smoking a year ago and switched to electronic cigarettes as an alternative nicotine…
  • Ah, what a shame! I just moved back to the UK from Berlin but was searching when I was there too. Good luck!
  • I was thinking the same thing recently. It's flipped a couple of times and I just used a magnet to re-orientate it so it's flush again. I wanted to try to drag it a little away from centre too, I'll try a longer time with a magnet and report back ne…
  • Internal compass (as already demonstrated) Subdermal (encrypted) data storage device. Hormone control.
  • This is a really interesting topic and I hadn't thought about it in the context of grinding/'transhumanism'. The benefits of removing some of the unwanted side effects of sex and gender would be fantastic but I think it also needs discussion to diff…
  • Transdermal has issues with having a permanently unhealed wound. Something protruding from the skin that the body is fighting against. My first suggestion would be temporary (I didn't really make that clear, my apologies!). A plug, with tapered pins…
  • Hi everyone, I've been lurking here but this is my first post. I wanted to run an idea past people on this issue. I am far from an expert on this, I'm just curious. As many have been, I was trying to think up some ways to connect power and data to…