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  • A small (implantable magnet-sized) encapsulated subdermal electronic triggering device would be nice. Too bad currently available electronics consume so much power and batteries are so big. Should be solid state of course. The uses could be limitless. Sense magnetic fields, various em frequencies, mobile phone…
  • Edmonton (like me) or Calgary? (or somewhere else?)
  • Where in Canada are you?
  • Anyone in Western Canada?
  • just regarding policy then: The opinion piece linked to at the beginning of this thread is bullshit. It spreads lies about the deceleration it pretends to review. It saddens me that h+ would publish such a biased and untruthful article. The Catholic church is not waging war on transhumanism or cyborgs or anything of the…
  • I have heard that there are some cases where purported super-natural events were investigated by scientists who did not believe and after the investigations the scientists believed. If these are true cases then we have reproducible data points but they are few and far between. This is why (these days) before suggesting…
  • @glims As I understand it, in the statement "experimenting with human life, understanding it as a mean of production, or simply destroying it in the early stages of its development" "making a new person to save another person" is a way of using a human life as a means of production. The first line of the quote that you…
  • @TheGreyKnight - The idea is that it is wrong to create a new human being just for the purpose of saving another one as the new human being has rights too. eg. A couple conceiving and then having a late term abortion so that some tissue/cells/bone-marrow etc. can be harvested to save the dying father. Embryonic stem cell…
  • I've seen patents going way back to the early 90's that would have applications in this.
  • Ok guys, I think of us as a smart bunch of people. We use scientific processes, we read between the lines. I know many people don't like the Catholic Church for various personal/philosophical reasons. I don't really care, you have a right to believe what you want. But this article was written by a anti-Catholic Troll who…
  • A communicator that connects to my larynx and uses bone conduction for the sound. Our brains still sends a signal to our larynx when we 'talk internally'. I did once hear of experiments to use this to talk without actually talking. This would have to be coupled with a very low power transmitter/receiver and allow us to…
  • I found this little item in the National Post today:Transcranial direct current stimulation tDCS technology may improve cognitive ability. Sometime I will go there and see what Mind Alive is about since I'm about 20 blocks away.
  • Maybe if later this year these are available http://www.wired.com/design/2013/02/freescales-tiny-arm-chip/ I will get my hands on some and see how useful they could be for this project.
  • This reminded my of an episode of Quirks and Quarks (Canadian science program) I listened to a few years ago. Here is a link from the radio show http://www.cbc.ca/quirks/media/2004-2005/mp3/qq-2005-04-02a.mp3 . Here is a little applet that simulates seeing with sound. http://www.seeingwithsound.com/javoice.htm . I came…