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  • Oh, forgot in that list of caffeine sources green tea. I used to drink it a lot, but have since run out of supply. Once I get more, I'll drink several cups of that each day again. You should consider drinking green tea, by the way, for much more benefit than just a bit of caffeine. Green tea has both caffeine and theanine,…
  • Something I want to mention about your post is about the ALA. R-lipoic acid is definitely safer to ingest as the S part in the natural form of alpha-lipoic-acid can actually cause damage over time. There's an issue with straight-up R-lipoic acid, however; it's highly unstable. What you should look for is a stabilised form…
  • Sounds like fun! I'm in. I didn't know about Coursera before. I'm always interested in exploring open courseware sites. This one seems rather nicely done. Thanks for the tip!
  • @rdb, I'd be interested in a kit. You definitely have expertise, and should you go ahead with producing tDCS kits, you'll have my business to support further developments and advances down the road--if the price is reasonable, of course.
  • What would you define as the result of nootropics in the intended context? Different interactions with different parts of the brain cause different effects on overall cognition. This holds true for anything that interfaces with the brain be it nootropics, sensory substitution, mental exercises, or even just learning new…
  • I'd probably be a poor candidate for "experienced" user. I'm using mostly nootropics that have long-term overall neural (and otherwise physiological) health benefits such as bacopa, ashwagandha, red ginseng, ginkgo biloba, huperzia serrata, theanine (which I sometimes take with caffeine in cacao or tea for a synergistic…
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  • I frequent the Longecity community for a lot of great information and discussion on various health and biomedical related information with a focus on healthspan and lifespan extension. They have entire discussion boards for brain health and specifically nootropics. Study citations are common there, which makes me confident…
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  • Sourcing the RFID chips themselves seem to be my biggest issue right now, honestly. I've been referred to suppliers in faraway places who may or may not be able to get anything useful to my doorstep. But say I do find and obtain one. Any major problem with self-implanting? Sourcing a professional may end up even trickier…