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  • countseven have you ever seen a mri of the head, I did them and it is really not easy to exactly define especially if you dont know which material you are searching for and if it appears white or black on the mri as well there are mainly vague uncle…
  • zerbula thank you could you provide the link for information about the human trafficker chipping people - i have here a european internat criminal network with huge resources having not only chipped and testing me continously - thanks
  • yes i have checked all options before coming to the final and true one, which i wrote. if people break in, steal things, hunt you anywhere you go, rent apartments around any place you stay longer in,... yes you can definitely be sure there is a some…
  • oh beside of the fact that they anticipate what i do and try to block any action that could help me bring these out xray i have done so far but its is not clear and for interpretation you need someone who has a straight look can differentiate and is…
  • cassox thanks so much for answering! you mean on the ct scan any device no matter which material will show up? i did already x ray and mri and as well ct - but just the normal ct. but the issue is always blocked if i try to consult with the doctors …