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  • Huh, guess I haven't posted in a while. So, uh, I did the thing
  • Ya'll, make a new thread, or choose one of the other 8 million magnet threads for this conversation.
  • Second video update, now with patterned metal and 100% more hornets
  • THE ULTIMATE POST NECRO. I was tempted to necro my very first post on here as it concerned this project but the title on this one was more apt. SO the short version is, I got the damn thing working finally and can coat just about anything in most metals. Thus far I've successfully done copper silver and gold and am…
  • Ok so this thread has gotten beyond tiring at this point. We literally just outlined how the virus is treated, and thus far you've just chosen to ignore the actual experts and continue responding with essentilly random biology buzzwords while you're clearly not internalizing any of the advice people have given or info…
  • Not yet. Waiting on more supplies, building equipment, testing and restesting protocols. Nothing exciting. This is gonna be a slow burner project with lots of fits and starts. The hurdles we have to clear are immense and currently material is hard to come by and slow to arrive. I'm juggling other projects to keep myself…
  • you'll just crush the tissue between the magnetizer and your magnet most likely. A magnetizer is just a giant electromagnet. You end up applying as much field as you can to align the magnets electrons spin. Which in this case results in crushed skin cells and a very unhappy person.
  • Ima just say that if you're at the "building a centrifuge" stage, you're about 5 years from doing anything. If you're not spending 50 bucks on a fuge, you're not even close to the 50k+ it'll take you to actually do anything with a virus safely AND have it work. Basically, there's 1 surface protein that masks it from the…
  • Ya my new lab has taken me months to put together. Mine is based out of a larger community hackerspace and I managed to aquire one small corner to build the lab in. Whole room is 12' x 7'. Paid for everything out of pocket, which is also why I've been building a lot of my own tools to save on cash. As to the lactose thing,…
  • Obviously nonsense is obvious. Lay off the drugs and next time show up with real data or gtfo. Thread closed.
  • New video is up. Not strictly spider silk stuff but its what I've been keeping busy with while I wait for fresh spiders to arrive.
  • New video and I discuss the issues with the spiders:
  • I've got a PRP experiment partially filmed we started a year ago. Bout to restart that series of experiments, just waiting on some new items to arrive (blood draw kit mostly). I agree, fuck the kits. All you need is vacutainers with acid citrate dextrose and a cheapy centrifuge. A case will cost you 20-40 bucks and the…
  • Yup! a spec would cost 400, we built one for like 40 bucks. An ultrasonic homogenizer would cost over 1k. And a PCR machine with that capability costs hundreds as well. Built the whole set for less than 100 total. Still gonna keep tinkering with all of them though to improve them. The nice part is once they're built it's…
  • @misslitty ya it's getting annoying I'll admit. We're planning an easier experiment that's just for fun so we can get at least 1 genetic engineering win to keep us going. I've been keeping busy in the mean time honestly. Been doing some machining and made some cool stuff. Currently building a PCR machine that does…
  • Womp womp. Negatory. Gonna source some fresher spiders and order more primers and try again
  • @misslitty thats the one! We're running it today hopefully. will post results when they come back. Also will post a less ugly gel from the extraction
  • @misslitty that's the plan! just need to get some first. still haven't run the pcr yet though. if that comes back positive then we won't need to.
  • Test results came back. Got lots of DNA, but when we ran it on a gel it all looks sheared to hell. Still gonna try PCR, but we're starting to suspect that the preservation method of our source spiders isn't good and the DNA degraded. The ethanol prevents them from rotting, but not the nucleases from working. If we're lucky…
  • Ran another extraction today. At this point I just assume it's garbage so I'll be excited when it finally does work. Used a professional kit this time. God damn was that a long procedure. 27 steps, some loop back, and some have up to a 4 hour incubation time. I had to make my own chloroform and find a weird alcohol to make…
  • Update time. Tried more extractions. None worked properly. Showed nice peaks on a nanodrop, but garbage on a gel. Ordered more spiders, they just arrived, as well as a proper DNA extraction kit. So gonna give that a go hopefully this week. As to the plasmid we planned on putting everything into, we struck out hard. The…
  • They sell parylene only magnets last i looked, and they'll do the double coat if you ask for it specifically.
  • the issue is that ya'll are getting the TiN only magnets. send them a message and see if they're double coat a batch for you. TiN and then parylene. Fixes the failure rate by plugging any holes in the TiN
  • "don't need to use anything sketchy like glyphosphate" wants to use spider venom. LOL As to making it, looks super easy tbh. It's 37aa peptide which means it'd take ~110bp of DNA. That's honestly nothing. You can get that made by a primer synthesis company in a set of 2 pieces and have enough room left over to build gibson…
  • Doesn't matter. You're doing surgery, on yourself. Follow the fucking protocol, or don't do it. Isn't negotiable.
  • K im only gonna say this once. If you can't get lidocaine, you shouldn't be doing implant surgery. Ice is not a viable replacement. For fucks sake, get some lido. I honestly do not understand why this is even a topic that keeps coming up. You are doing surgery. Follow standard procedure or don't do it.
  • Some updates. We tried a weird PCR reaction directly on a piece of spider tissue but it didn't work. HOWEVER another run we did on a reaction that should have worked, didn't. Which means my machine might just be crap. So we're gonna run a reaction that we know works and see if it's an issue with my machine. We'll also try…
  • If you don't want anyone filming anything, get a bunch of IR lights, string them up all over the place and make them strobe at about a couple times per second and get some speakers and play a nice loud tone at about 30khz. Nothing will pick up anything and no one will notice it's happening.