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  • Thanks @Satur9 for the awesome video and explanation. Getting a vibration from cooktop is a plus! As long as it does not cook my flesh, I'll be happy with vibration.
  • So is it safe to cook with induction stove while having magnets in fingers? Do magnets heat up?
  • @Satur9 did you get the wristband? I don't see any card on their website
  • > @liamolua said: > > @cancerian said: > > @liamolua said: > > What happened to NorthSense, the implantable compass that vibrated everytime you face north? Were they ever possible to buy, if so where if they are available? If not, are there any schematics to build it yourself? > > > > > > > > > > > > They are no longer…
  • They are no longer making the first version, but they are working on the next one. It should be out next year I guess.
  • @Lord_V That's awesome, congrats! Hope it heals soon.
  • @Lord_V The piercing was only really painful the first night, after that I didn't have problem. You have done piercing before, so you are familiar. It was my first time that I did a piercing, so maybe my body was not ready for the pain! Whenever I felt pain, I just used saline and it was fine. 
  • It's been fun to have north sense. I'd definitely recommend it. About the healing, yes you MUST wait. First of all, piercing is painful by itself. Now imagine buzzing an open wound, it never heals if you do that.I waited about a month, but that was barely enough. At first, my pierced site did not start healing, so I went…
  • I'd like to get one.
  • I have North Sense, it was the first thing that drew me into biohacking world, although I put it on my body the last! I have used it for about 4 months now. What I can tell you is that it is beyond giving you direction, that's the least interesting part of it. For me, it has worked like a highlighter marker for memories.…
  • OK McSTUFF, thanks for explanation. I should find a job for it! I've got the new multireader from Alex, I can do the same with it, accessible from my laptop and phone. 
  • I'd like one without anti-migration too. 
  • Too late for me, I got my first RFID and magnet about three months ago at the Bodyhackingcon, then got the North Sense about a month ago. 
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  • I would pay $300+ for such a watch, but only if it has the haptic feedback that @aviin mentioned above. In fact, that's more valuable to me than the watch itself. Vibration alarm would be very cool too. I don't like it to last 10+ years, 5-7 years would be more than enough for me. By that time, there would be new…
  • That's exactly what I have been thinking in the past couple of weeks. I have LG V20 and it could read my flexible NFC tag only when I removed its case and put it directly on the skin and pressing camera part on the chip. In that phone the antenna is around camera, but I guess because of metal back it's weak. Then I thought…
  • I've got exactly the same problem. I installed a flex nfc from on the back of my middle finger 9 days ago. At first my phone (LG V20) could read it with no problem. Now, it's been two days that it can't read it. I tried my friend's phone (Galaxy S6) and that could't read it either. Here are two pictures of my…
  • Those of you who have last year's experience, please tell me if I can get magnet and other stuff in The Hub section (which is free)
  • @AlexSmith Do you think you will be offering Firefly v2 in the bodyhackingcon in Austin next year? If yes, should I make a reservation? Maybe a pre-order?