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  • Hm. Been a while since I've been here. I'm about 18 months since implant on my v1 and it never got particularly bright. I can only see it in situations where there are almost no other light sources. Lying in bed with a dim lamp on the other side of …
  • @Jordygordy summer is chaos for me at work, but I'm down when the weather cools off. This is a long shot, but I'm attending Wasteland Weekend near you in September, might be up to stop off to or from the event.
  • Listening to lightning on the AM is one of my favorite hobbies....I really like the idea of this. This probably would not be too terribly difficult to implement on a PIC which I can get for a few dollars....battery would be an issue for an implant, …
  • As most have mentioned, the security factor is low as long as you have windows, but being able to get in and out of your house with fumbling for keys sounds beyond convenient.
  • @AlexSmith we use these tags: I think you're right, I probably could clone it. For some reason I had it in my head that I could use it for multiple applications if they add…
  • My office uses RFID tags for building control. Currently negotiating with HR to see if they'll add a custom tag to the system.
  • If you want it, get it. If the logo changes you'll be the cool kid with the retro logo. Reminds me of all the IAM members who got BME logos, lol.
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  • I'm in the OC/Long Beach area. Very shy on time lately, but can usually carve some out depending.
  • @Cassox I'm down if I end up making it out.
  • 9 days post-procedure and I can easily see it in complete darkness if I give my eyes time to adjust. Interestingly my amateur astronomy has come in handy monitoring the progress, as day 5-6 I could only see it using averted vision. I have confidenc…
  • Considering going up on the Saturday as a day trip, but I'm probably not going to buy a DefCon pass. Planning to go to Grindfest either way, but meeting in LV and comparing notes next month would be cool.
  • That's a good point @ThomasEgi. I'd somehow failed to fully grok the importance of the center pin.
  • It's an interesting idea. This video has a much more comprehensive description of what's actually going on: I'd be interested to see if they're able to print the same complex arrangements on a much smaller scale and how…
  • It would be really neat to have the ability to toggle pain on and off, but if it were permanently off you would have some serious issues. I'm reminded of Robert Wadlow (, one of the tallest people ever …
  • Those who have one, I'm unable to see the slightest glow even in complete darkness. I'm hoping this is due to clotting. Did anybody else have a similar experience?
  • Oh neat! Love the DIY angle of it, never honestly considered being able to do kind of a survivalist solder joint with a lighter before.
  • Success! I can't see the glow through my skin yet, but we both found the procedure to be extremely straightforward. We ended up chatting for a bit about biohacking and implants, and he asked if I could add him to the wiki as a piercer/body modificat…
  • @McSTUFF Sorry, this is going to sound sarcastic, but I'm being entirely genuine. Is there a functional reason that you're doing a low-heat flame solder in your guides instead of using an iron?
  • Mine just arrived yesterday, going to see an old piercer friend who split my tongue and cut a large scar on my back to see if he's willing to implant it. If successful, will post pictures.
  • yet there are applications such as those compass ankle cuffs where even though your body becomes accustomed to the vibration, you retain a 'sense' of magnetic north.
  • i'm a big fan of imprecision, so i'm curious if there wouldn't be a clever way to combine this concept with a firefly tattoo, essentially integrating a tiny geiger counter to drive a haptic response within the implant.
  • this seems like it may be a split hair, but are there any people here that play bass with magnets? i have a somewhat....enthusiastic playing style, which is rougher on the hands, and I've been concerned about crushing the implant. Granted, the last …