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  • As Cassox mentioned above, a 3% increase in grey matter was seen after 4 weeks. This 4 week time frame is consistent across a few different studies. I still think it's unclear whether the increase was seen throughout the prefrontal cortex or more localized to areas dedicated to specific functions such as emotional…
  • Sigma has their ACS reagent grade LiCO3 at around 60 bucks per 100 grams. If we intend to run this over a 4 week period then that comes to about 12 bucks per person for a 4 week supply at low/average therapeutic daily dosage. Not at all unreasonable.
  • If a group buy is being considered we need to be sure of the quality. Either a more reputable source should be found or analytical testing should be done. Both would be preferable. These are potentially dangerous chemicals, being used in an experimental context. My supply was through eBay but I have access to an AES in the…
  • But like glims said, I think on the expected scale individualized testing (personal "control," personal results over regular intervals) would be the easiest course of action. If standardization of the testing is at all possible, then I see the only drawback being medical testing (serum levels, etc.). This does cross close…
  • I've come across a few articles docomenting these studies recently and have considered experimenting with Lithium Carbonate. From what I've read the tests were largely (if not all, based on what I've read so far) conducted on bipolar patients. Having bipolar disorder myself I see potential gains from this if only…
  • I wanted to mention this but considering starting a new thread for relatively trivial information would be senseless I felt this would be a good place to do so. Regarding sourcing lidocaine solution: There are many offshore sites that distribute lidocaine to individuals regardless of whether one has a prescription. I'm…