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  • Small update, the company said that 2 millimeters is too small for them, 3 millimeters in diameter is the smallest they can make. I will also try to find out what kind of coating method they use.
  • And to further answer your questions. I think 100 is reasonable. selled magnets for 60 dollars and the magnet was a disk magnet 1 by 3 millimeters. With one titanium coating. You can make of that what you wish. Also I have no knowledge of the process, I'm leaving that to the company I'm ordering them…
  • You are right by saying that there is no guarantee that they will work. It's experimental. I will also not guarantee it will work 100%. Im just giving it my own shot, maybe it works maybe it doesn't. But it's been like that from the start. And people are always curious to see if it works or not, so there will always be…
  • I don't think there is anything wrong with titanium itself. It's used in the medical industry all the time. I think the problem is that the magnet wasn't 100% covered with costing. Miniscule holes in the coating could still cause problems. So that's why I chose 2 coatings, to fill up any gaps that remain in the first…
  • im a newbe on this subject. but what are you testing exactly? i would be curious to know how the coatings will react to the ph level of a human body and if they would remain intact. and maybe test some impact damage. but i am reading about testings with bleach and handsoap. bleach has a ph level of 12.5 and handsoap a ph…
  • hi, new here and also want a magnet for a few years now. done some research on the magnets. titanium plated magnets seem the best, they are strong, bio compatible, but not cheap and not common on the market. Gold plated is an other good solution, but is weaker, also bio compatible.i tried to implant one in my hand. (the…