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  • Hi, I'd be interested in one of the pellucids, should we PM you to order?
  • Look into research on contraceptive implants, especially ones used in zoos (more variety) There's one that's a kind of plastic cylinder that medication can leach through (MGA), one that tends to break apart more (Deslorelin), and one that's an injectable gel that forms a kind of soft implant under the skin (Levonorgestrol)…
  • I had a coating fail and wound up with bits of magnet I couldn't get out sitting around in my finger for half a year. No symptoms of metal poisoning, it didn't appear to spread out much (I'm very pale and the particles were visible through my skin), the dissolved magnet formed a small lump of tissue around it, and the…
  • I'm not sure why the coating came off so it may have had problems in the first place- I don't recall doing anything that would've broken it I noticed I'd lost sensation from the magnet around 8 months and took it out a few weeks after that
  • I have been washing it with saline, but it's not seemed to do much
  • Update: I got everything I could, but there's some that was basically dissolved/powdered that I couldn't do much about. (But it wasn't bothering me before, so...) Anyhow, I added some pictures to the google doc from the past few days. It hasn't scabbed over yet and is still quite red/swollen, but isn't painful or showing…
  • I put together a google doc with the pictures: The numbness has mostly gone away now so it should be fine as far as that's concerned
  • Unfortunately, the links I attempted to put in the above were acting weird so I was unable to link the posts to which I was referring, and I can't get the pictures to post, so that will be all for the moment.
  • This is pretty much the same method I used for all three of mine (I used a 10g needle) and it works really well. I'd estimate mine were completely healed in under two weeks, with minimal scarring, and I've had them in for nine months at this point without any issues. It's not really injection though, you use a needle to…
  • I'd suggest looking into bioengineering
  • Mine (three fingers on my right hand) haven't been a problem. As long as the magnet is off to one side it shouldn't cause any issues lifting things.
  • I'm in Sarasota but I haven't heard of anything around here either. Some way to organize groups would be awesome.
  • Here's the video: Neither the world's best video or video editing, I'm afraid. I tried to jumpcut/speed up the boring parts at least. A couple of notes, the glove used was to prevent my hand from getting slippery from the rubbing alcohol, an issue I'd had in the…
  • If you still need controls I'd be happy to participate.
  • Please add me to the list as well, thanks!
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