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  • Ok I am interested, but few things first: 1) did you test them? I met a guy from 8chan who bought 100 of gold plated magnets and when I told him to test it in salt water he said 95% was faulty (it bubbled and the gold fell off) 2) how much would they cost (without shipping) Thanks
  • You will be able to feel it, just not as strong. Check this guy, he DIY gold plated his magnet and crushed it by accident, and he still has a bit in him and he feels the EM fields too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2cNmtO3YXw Anyway @Danny, if you manage to coat one let me know, I might be interested into buying one.
  • Absolutely not saying that I would rather have untested smaller magnet over M31. First thing I posted into this thread was a question to AlexSmith, whether he will have smaller magnets than M31 in the future with the same tests and all. As I said before, I have my reasons to want smaller magnets, I was merely asking…
  • I read that blog post, but I would still prefer something like 1 or 1,5mm diameter 1 or 0,75mm height magnet. I dont care about picking up magnetic stuff, or that I will feel the EM fields only from small distance, I would feel much safer having something smaller and I'm sure many others would too. If I see implant safe…
  • well, from what I've seen the difference isn't actually that big. Lets look at these 2 magnets as an example:https://www.kjmagnetics.com/proddetail.asp?prod=D101-N52 https://www.kjmagnetics.com/proddetail.asp?prod=D11-N52 second one is twice as big, yet the difference is about 20%if I put the same logic on M31, having…
  • easier operation, better for people who carry heavy objects, easier to take out, more places to put it. Also you would still feel EM fields and pick up paperclips,so I dont see the point of getting something bulkier unless you need to show off your spoon-picking skills
  • Do you think you will sometime in the future do smaller magnets than M31? I know it was decided to be optimal size for both party tricks and sensing EM fields, but I still think its too big. I would love a magnet that is under 2 mm by 1 mm, that way I wouldnt be that scared to implant it, and it wouldnt be as restraining…
  • supermagnetman sells magnets coated with parylene, you may have been lucky and bought one of these. It's not as good as TiN but many people here have magnets coated in it. You cannot buy "raw" neodymium magnet because they always have some coating (usually its nickel-copper-nickel/zinc). If you still have link to which you…
  • Have you read the wiki or http://augmentationlimitless.blogspot.cz/ ? They basically have everything you are asking
  • Autoclaving is method of sterilification commonly used by piercers, many people say their magnet lost it's strenght after being autoclaved If its possible and you are doing it yourself, we would greatly appreciate a video of implantation
  • if you are doing it yourself, I would recommend getting sets from https://cyberise.me/index.php (another grinder shop), If you are letting piercer to do it DO NOT LET HIM AUTOCLAVE THE MAGNET!!!
  • ok, 1) your magnets are N42, which is pretty weak, even if they are bigger2) if you want to go with them anyway the test is basicly finding any dent or chipped gold, best way is by submerging magnet into solution that can dissolve the material under magnet (nickel) - best one known being water + salt. So what you do is…
  • Would you mind sharing the link to where you bought them? Also, dont forget to check them (at least the saltwater test)
  • You should read the previous posts - basic speaker will not do the trick, you either have to buy one of those "invisible headphone" sets or make them yourself. You need the amplifier to make the pulses strong enough.
  • post video or results after you do that. I recently ordered another magnetic ring, so I may try this too when I find friend willing to zap me.
  • Is there any sort of fruit/vegetable which has the same ammount of lithium? It may be cheaper than buying straight lithium but if I would have to eat 5kg of eggplant then I would probably go with the pills/powder.
  • Would you mind sharing link to the ring you bought? I have tried some of them (mostly the 2$ ones though) and none of them is as strong as you said. Thanks
  • question far cassox - Will you be updating your augmentation limitless blog? You can put the posts from SfM there.
  • Looking good, is that arduino powered or something else?
  • Put it on Puush or Imgur please, images don't work
  • I want to make that magnetic ring which would let you "feel" the music (already talked about it in different thread) Seems you just need magnetic wire coil and amplifier, so I would say it should be easy. It's basically one of these "invisible headphones", but smaller.
  • looks great, but those formats are killing me, how am I supposed to open .rtf, normal word spits random letters, online converters do basicaly the same.
  • If the time is good count me in (I live in Europe so it's about +9 hours)
  • Will you publish any plans to make one? I would love to try and modify it so that for example dosimeter or temperature sensor could be hooked to it.
  • The thing is, these "standards" shift pretty quickly. 2 years ago it was Haworths gold + silicone and after few groupbuys it was gold + parylene. Now it's TiN. But I too think that these are kind of overpriced (yes I know there was lots of money spent on making it but c'mon, 50$ for a magnet?). Anyway, do NOT try to coat…
  • I would say that gold is better but why not go for both? But first you may want to try to get them pre-coated, the quality will be much better than if you coat it yourself. Some people here may have some magnets left from the group buy (…
  • I'm afraid it would be like 100$, just to start feeling the magnetic fields faster (I only found this site selling them thought so I dont know how cheap you can get them http://www.biotrend.com/com/shop?itemid=C-45034-5 ), its fine for testing but I'm afraid until you can produce it cheaper it wont be worth it.
  • I think they work differently - the guitar amp is powered by electricity from outlet (230 Volts in Europe), the chinese or the homemade one is powered by 9 Volt battery. I think the Voltage makes it hot but don't take my word for it.
  • well, there's that guy with magnets implanted in his ears and in one of his videos it shows him having coil around neck and listening to music, so I guess it's strong enough. I also plan on making "ring" that could make you feel the music, but thats too far away (good thing is that if you had this ring and put finger in…
  • also try searching 200 gain amps if you dont want to search for guitar amps, which are too weak.