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  • I live in Northern Ireland about 2.5 hours up the motorway. I'll see what leave is available from work and see what I can do but no promises :). Any day in particular your thinking of?
  • I was able to implant mine myself with the aid of a sterilised butterfly clip and some topical numbing cream using one of the preloaded kits. There are some good guides available through the previously mentioned stores or YouTube as I too had problems finding a piercer. This community is pretty awesome for advice and…
  • Sounds to me he was looking for the upsell. The chips sold as kits in the injectors from dangerous things and cyberize are sterilised. Having got one through Dangerous Things EU partner I can tell you the packaging has an indicator on the side that shows a colour when exposed to the sterilisation agent, so Birdmachine is…
  • So my chip has been in a few weeks and going well. My presentations have been all week and very well received, the chip has made a positive stir in work and I've gotten word my names being mentioned for some projects involving it so all in all quite happy. I just hope something come from it. The big talk is tomorrow so we…
  • My only concern with the cellulose idea is its use as fibre to make your...ehhmmm....movements solid. It did get me thinking though along the lines of if something like Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes could be used to combat cyanide poisoning with a bit of tinkering
  • What about looking at bacteria that would allow us to break down and extract nutrients from cellulose? Not quite hive but possibly beneficial? Although cellulose does help the intestine work.
  • What about the likes of thread worms or pin worms? We evolved with a certain amount of parasites living symbiotically inside us, notably worms and we have grown accustomed to certain byproducts they excrete and give off. All of a sudden these are now unwanted, unclean etc etc, but interestingly they can be beneficial in…
  • In regards to input devices for it, as opposed to touch could you set up an array in or on the arm/hand that takes movements or their electrical impulses of the hand and converts it into characters in device? Say thumb up =a, thumb flex=b etc etc Just one of the things floating in my head.
  • Enjoyed listening to some of these on the bus yesterday, keep up the awesome work!
  • Northern Ireland, so yea...not the most technologically savvy and accepting place in the world but not the worst. I put my chip in on Thursday and had some pretty cool responses on Friday from people involved with the other presentations. Just hope the chip doesn't reject! So far so good though.
  • While there are talks on for upskilling people who need the help I don't want the more tech savvy to be left out, so I thought this is an interesting application of technology they might like. All talks are voluntary so there mightn't be anyone even interested. Don't get me wrong its a very small minority of an older…