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  • I would totally be down to advance peoples skills and get a magnet but I am stuck in Washington :/
  • I am unaware of any drug that specifically reduce the effects of fear within the bounds of what you have set. Frankly I am not sure you would want to, fear is a great tool for the human mind to have. Fear of pain has saved my bacon more than once. N…
  • I have trialed BAHA systems (single sided sensonueral deafness). If you wanted to experiment a bit more they have test headsets that you wear with a headband. I got pretty good results and I can only imagine the increase in conduction with an actual…
  • I work with the state to help people who have been out of work assess if they are capable of returning to the work force and if they require any additional accommodation by assisting them to perform trial work experiences.
  • First implant, firefly v1, implantation success! Due to placement I wasn't 100% comfortable doing it myself but my intrepid wife was totally game with me walking her through it. I fiddled with the placement for a while but settled on a spot before I…
  • I am intending to get a magnet implant as soon as time allows and I can find a modder in Eastern Washington and source a magnet, preferably an M31.
  • I have been kicking around idea of a crowdfunding platform for private research. Not even sure that it is really feasible for "official" research since it would likely lack backing from the institutions that normally fund these endeavors. …
  • I have done a moderate amount of research on cochlear implants due to hearing loss of my own, but I have to agree with other folks here. The cochlea is severely damaged by the electrode implant. If you are interested in what a cochlear implant's qua…
  • Has anyone contemplated how to avoid stress to the surrounding tissue after a titanium nail was mounted? I feel like you would have to reinforce whatever you were using as a mount as well. Hehe sorry, kind of an aside I suppose.
  • @IvoTheSquire  Doctor's are making strides into issues of titanium implants and stress shielding by using metal foam. It can be tailored to match nearby bone density and since it is porous nearby bone and blood vessels can penetrate and integrate wi…
  • @Jupiter Your teeth are actually secured to the jawbone itself, not the gums, by root fibers. The gums form a protective barrier to prevent germs from infecting this connection or the jawbone itself. Now if we could create connective tissue that co…
  • If you wanted to secure the prosthetic to the jaw bone, go for titanium. Bone has a tendency to integrate with the metal. You can check out osseointegration for details
  • @birdhandz,That's a neat concept, I guess it wouldn't be to bad with at least noting a difference between vowels and consonants.I believe all vowels are lower frequency than consonants, might have some trouble given everyone's voice box is different.
  • Thank you for the input everyone! @ThomasEgi Thanks for giving a little more depth on the functions of hearing! I felt a little awkward having a big wall of text on the first post. As to the reason for hearing loss, idiopathic. I simply awoke one m…
  • I'm not sure about the engineering aspects of this but possibly vertical farming at sea, or perhaps solar updraft towers in the presence of large bodies of water. Off the top of my head it would seem very difficult to build tall structures on the oc…