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  • Oh wow! I didn't realize they had come down in price so much on EBay. I'd still like to make one and source and document it for others, but at those prices I can go ahead and get started with splicing AND have a working base model to compare against mine against. Thanks @glims!
  • The lightbulb PCR is pretty cool. That's a good idea, I'll have to look into that or a similar air heat/cool to see if it can be as effective as an thermoelectric cooler. I've got someone who can mill and shape the aluminum for the most part, but to bore the tapered wells to a tolerance of 180µm needs a custom bit. (Been…
  • @alexsmith I'm going to need a couple more eventually. Please keep me updated. Thanks!
  • I had it reject twice, then it took on the third attempt. It was definitely user error on my part. Since it was a self implant. Basically, it rejected due to not being deep enough. It HAS to be completely under the dermis, or it'll start hurting around 10 days, and reject a few days later. A good rule of thumb (or in this…
  • I think that answers my question. Basically, if I scraped it gently with a scalpel or poked it roughly with a hemostat to position it, that shouldn't damage the coating.
  • Thanks @glims. That's pretty much the conclusion I'm going to as well. I ended up doing a lot of research before starting with the injections. Basically the two big things to worry about is injecting directly into a vein (always aspirate to check first). And using too much lidocaine (more than 3mg/kg). And a good general…
  • Yup. Cassox's guide is great, and his videos on YouTube too. That was the second method I used. I was just curious if I could find a method that would work better for me.