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  • any new info on the magnets?
  • im really looking forward to these. hope testing goes well.
  • @Alex add me to the waiting list please
  • i dont really have anything constructive to say but something related. could you implant something to cause custom made hallucinations?
  • id just incase a normal wire in two or more coatings of a biofriendly material. link i was thinking it would be something like this. it might actually be better to not put it into an area that pivots.
  • looks like the main issues is these "holes" in the implant area. i'll probably sound super dumb for saying this but, could you weld the skin to the implant ergo, sealing the rim and holes around the implant? im not super familiar with burn wounds so i have no idea if it would heal or just be burnt dead tissue around the…
  • they already have these and they seem to work fine. the light sources im suggesting would be smaller and not as bulky then these"North star" implants
  • ah haha okay
  • i dont think you would want to implant a 1.5" thick metal plate in your chest would you?
  • to clarify, i will not be putting hotglue or sugru coated implants into my body. i only coating magnets in them to see how thin or even i can get it. its just something to do to keep me occupied till the silicone gets here.
  • ive ordered medical grade silicone as well. im trying hotglue and sugru just because. im going to try 2 different silicone coatings and attempt to coat one in gold. again, ill see how all of them look/ test the durability of them before sticking anything in my skin.
  • stopping bullets would be almost impossible unless it was transgdermal. a knife though, that would be alot easier. yes, it would cut the skin but it would protect the muscle making recovery alot faster.
  • this reminds me of requiem for a dream but hey, you sound like your operating 100x better them me so keep it up *thumbs up*
  • that's true. might end up trying 1,4,7 and 8 because 9 is alot more vulnerable to damage personally. if i keep all magnets on the right side of each finger i think that should be enough space to stop dangerous amounts of attraction. i think ill start with just the fingertips and maybe 8, then try 3 or 6 again, it all…
  • the dangerousthings pain management kit comes with 5ml of lidocaine which is really nice
  • for me, i got a pain management kit and 1 size 15 scalpels from and those same size magnets online. im going to coat a few in different materials and see how tough/small they are then implant the best one myself. im sterilizing absolutely everything and trying to be as cautious as possible. you should…
  • i understand what you mean. its just a hassle for me but realistically that should be the first step.
  • how so? im just thinking of cheap ways to do this. they have flesh penetrating "lazers" to fix my issue but its pricey.
  • thing is, my situation is complicated and a real doctors examination would almost be out of the question so at this point, im just doing what makes it feel better. who knows. i could just strain or fry my arm. regarding infection, ive thought of that too. if i did implant a node i would want to seal it some how. i was…
  • this is kind of a lazy answer but, for weapon there will be made an armor. i know this discussion is all hypothetical but you can really only take these things as they come. for now, its not common enough yet to have benefits or restrictions.