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  • @glims I agree, this should have been unannounced already. Thanks. @drjaaz if you are bit banging it is going to be direct light. And of course in direct light it ~50uA, what is it in indirect light? Well now we have the delta to apply. and the ability to hold something in sleep mode is nothing to dismiss. When you are…
  • @glims I disagree, the solar cell generated 50uA of ambient energy. this is more 50x the amount it takes to hold an atmega in deep sleep mode, which means it holds its RAM state. Additionally it proves we can use light to get signal through the skin, which means bit banging using light as your TX line. Combined with an…
  • hey guys @BirdMachine @Dragon5, whoever else. I will be arriving in LAX at 1030am on monday and I am renting a car. if anyone wants to ride along with me, let me know
  • @threefold get an NFC tag and figure out EXACTLY where the reader is(you can also look it up with phone manufacturer) tap a small piece of paper over that spot. It makes it easier to read consistently when figuring it out.
  • Ok ya'll the Wiki Party is over. But that doesn't mean you can't still help. We really still need it! The following people participated and should be cheered, admired, bought drinks and given free oral. I will be willing to provide most of those service if you make it to the grinder fest. @hardcoremildred @TheGreyKnight…
  • @ThomasEgi all the old pages are there. just go to administration and you should be able to see a list of all the current pages.
  • Wiki party update. I have been doing the device design considerations section. It could use a little love. I need info from some decent EE guys, @ThomasEgi @rcb. and the Ergonomics section could use help from some bodymod peeps @hardcoremildred. Lets keep pounding on it. @AlexSmith @TheGreyKnight @Griskard @drjaaz…
  • If you have nothing to contribute technically you can still help. Spell checking is needed. Also we need to make sure each page leads back to its parent section. Also if one article leads to other information we need to link it. Interlinking subjects is one of the keys to a wiki. 
  • yeah, circuit leads off the end of the dna, bio, electrical, mechanical :) its based off the adafruit biohacking badge. So you can't get it until after you have done your first grind :) nah, just playin' :P
  • lol, and now for a broken link I will post it
  • @glims I wonder how many people thought it and didn't say it Gurú Isaac What you have to do first is to have a decent webpage... I am saying this in a positive way, not being acid... it's just true.
  • That is to say @Kingofrandom for the purpose of this forum, if you are asking for advice we MUST advise the community "standard" stuff. We, of course, encourage people to experiment and report back findings. If you do want to research this let me know. We can design a verifiable double blind test, or as close as we can get.
  • Syringe. I went to a piercing shop. its was a strange twist of fate, in Germany one of the guys assisting Steve just so happened to be from pittsburgh, so he followed up with aftercare.
  • @Griskard no real blood flow problems. I mean at first it was cooler than the rest of my body, but it healed fine. That said I would like to FIRMLY recommend you do not get anything close to that big. It was painful, scary, took forever to heal, and looked generally horrifying. OMG i thought it was going to be filled with…
  • @FrankMatheson No problem man. We have kits coming soon. We are going to launch a KickStarter and try to sell them on maker/hacker markets like adafruit and makershed. Super simple obviously from the code. I am working on making it more realtime. Its pretty real time already but we can do better.
  • @FrankMatheson we use ultrasonic and infrared. and the code base for bottlenose and this device would be identical. want an open source bottle nose. here is the psuedo code int HighSensorVal = 69 ;//max for your sensor, distance temp, whateverint LowSenorVal = -69 ;//min sensor, distance temp, radiation, whatevsint…
  • @glims EE requirements? What do you need built?
  • Closing, please direct to the Wiki
  • @jrslagle it went well. We are going to be putting together a wiki-fest to generate a bunch of content. and then when we get to SfM we are going to do another wiki fest. I am trying to also trying to figure out how to sweeten the pot for contributors.
  • Skype ? if so my skype name is timothy.s.cannon
  • @BirdMachine and @jrslagle you motherfuckers are breakin my heart :'(
  • Please be sure any info that was discovered here, and any information that comes out ends up with a wiki entry for CE6
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  • @Avanthus if you do find a peircer in the NC area please update the wiki. Lidocaine is TECHNICALLY illegal. Some places may offer is you are in the know or what have you. As always anyone that wants to make a weekend out of it can come to Pittsburgh, we can get your magnets in and we can play and build stuff. I am going to…
  • So far I am finding the easiest way to activate from the outside is a tap sensor such as the ADXL345, it can detect taps @ 23 uA. As for feed back, we are building an implant called guide stone that will accomplish some of that. If anyone wants to get involved with grindhouse projects get at me. I know some people prefer…
  • @FrankMatheson I have created a "Quick Links" section on the front wiki page that has a current list of known modders. Here is a link I am going to close this since it has been asked a bunch :)
  • We totally need to get in on this
  • Got two guys here in pittsburgh, both steve haworth trained. If you feel like making a pilgrimage we would be happy to put you up for the night. From virginia you could easily make a weekend out of it. Plus pittsburgh has a decently high concetration of grinders, so you would probably learn a lot :)
  • @hardcoremildred could you do a formalized write up of your procedure. Almost like a step by step tutorial. We should not jump to conclusions that because your method is different it is bad. You sound well informed and thoughtful. If your procedure reduces rejection for example we should try to figure that out... and why.…
  • Ok guys, sorry to inform those who can't make it but the most people could make it on Friday the 13th 8p-9p. We will do our best to keep good notes. maybe instead of on skype we will do it on google hangouts and do a live broadcast. Those get recorded, so that those that can't attend can see what happened.