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  • Interesting! I might have to try an APS solution at some point and compare. The scaffold's fragility made it especially hard to handle, so the extra preservation would be extremely beneficial for moving and future reseeding. 
  • Any one from southern-ish New Jersey? Or NJ in general, it's a small state.
  • That's probably a good day for me. Where would this take place?
  • Any weekend starting from next week to May-ish would be good for me. Once the semester's out, getting up there would be harder but still doable. 
  • From the abstract: " In these evolved populations, passive genomic protection is not in evidence. Instead, enhanced recombinational DNA repair makes a prominent but probably not exclusive contribution to genome reconstitution." This points out that there isn't a barrier between the E. coli nucleus and ionizing radiation,…
  • Well, I'm near Trenton in New Jersey most of the year, but could feasibly take a train one day. Would be cool to meet up one day.
  • Something I've seen thrown around but never really acted on are home cell labs/bio labs in general. Considering that there are a couple tutorials on setting them up, has anyone actually done so yet? It's something I'd like to do in the near future. Get a running build log together, throw it up on the forums somewhere? I'd…
  • @Cassox What I meant is that someone could look for (and hell, maybe even find) increasingly radical/fringe biohacking groups, but they wouldn't really be a radical grinder without getting involved directly with some projects. 
  • I mean, Lepht Anonym comes to mind, but they're an admitted crazy person so... Here's a talk. Though, really the best way to experience bleeding edge stuff is to be on the bleeding edge yourself. 
  • Er, let's think about the logistics for a second. The actual caloric energy required to rapidly grow and mature a swarm of insects is not insignificant. Further, where do they come from? That's not even digging into box of worms that is actually trying to meaningfully communicate with them. It'd be an engineering/surgical…
  • In that case, it kind of harnesses random mutation, but it does so without any order whatsoever. Any base pair or length of base pairs can be randomly altered during replication. There's no intelligence or strategy behind any of it. While genetic algorithms and neural networks have biological origins, neither are good…
  • Well, all "dark genome" (a terrible term in and of itself) means is that those genes don't make protein(s). Current research points towards these being regulatory genes that control the expression of other genes. Mapping these portions is an ongoing task, however. If I'm interpreting your statements correctly, then point…
  • Considering that sample size n=2 for the gold magnets, really all that 0.5 means is that one was successful and the other was outside the binary. Bigger sample sizes are really what's needed to paint an accurate picture of how successful each magnet type actually is. Only having two to go off of can be pretty misleading. 
  • More power to you, knowledge wants to be free. You could maybe look into swarm robotics and see if that piques your interest. I don't know how you feel about robotics, but it specializes in directing robots in swarming tasks. If you want to seriously pursue this line of research, it'd also be worth it to learn and fully…
  • Why multi-cellular organisms specifically? Single-celled organisms are pretty interesting, too, and present more than a few interesting experimental opportunities. Tinkering with yeast is vastly cheaper (not to mention easier), and there are a number of kits out there to get started with. The experience gained from using…