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  • @katzevonstich how did you manipulate further to the surface? Did it stay at that depth? So I got my friend to implant one after I got mine but due to a couple factors it seems like it's going to reject. How would we go about getting it out undamaged and prepared to be reinserted? I figure it'll need sterilized again along…
  • Awesome idea but it would be terrible to bite your tongue or inside of your cheek with super sharp teeth. Maybe get an implanted one that picks up radio signals or the like?
  • Update: I can see it already in a pitch black room. I just have to make a fist to tighten the skin and run a finger over it. So I'm pretty hopeful with how it'll look after a few more days. The injection site is healing up well and there's minimal pain. Most came when I was working today and had to lift and move heavy…
  • Here we go. Sorry for double posting
  • Finally got mine implanted today. Got a video of it, just have to figure out how to get it posted. I am a little worried that it was injected too deep since I can't feel it at all. I can't complain though, the person putting it in was pretty reluctant but went through with it. Just wait till it heals and see.
  • I don't think this has been brought up, and honestly maybe it doesn't matter, but how do these do with heat? I weld a lot for work and was planning on implanting in my left hand. Being my off hand it tends to soak up a bunch of heat when I weld, even giving me big dry patches of skin or burns through my gloves.
  • What exactly is grindfest? Can anyone attend?
  • Not sure if this was brought up as I admittedly skimmed through the posts but how durable is this once it's in? I'm planning on having in the top of my hand (the standard spot it seems) and I'm wondering how likely smacking my hand of something could break it, releasing this lovely glow liquid into your body. Also, if this…
  • Wow, I read that they migrated but I had no idea it was that severe. It's looking like my exact plan will have to go on hold, as I'm not willing to commit to getting such a visible tattoo (would get it on my hand) without the implant to give that something extra. I'm thinking I'll just get the implant anyway though as…
  • I didn't actually think getting a tattoo on top of an implant would be a good idea. What I'm wanting to do is get an a tattoo of a firefly and use a firefly tattoo implant to actually light it up. My biggest concern as far as them playing nice together is positioning of the implant and size of the tattoo so that it looks…
  • Thanks fir the welcoming Zerbula, and no worries. I honestly didn't think it would be that easy. As for my exact idea, I'm keeping it close to the vest right now until I work out some more details and am closer to (hopefully) get it done. But I understand what you mean about not doing them back to back, but can I get the…