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  • Do you guys have skype/email? It'd be easier to talk and collab on a possible meetup on a messaging medium, rather than here.
  • Bumping this, I know there's at least a few people in NYC who might want to start projects.
  • There's a ton of innovative ideas, and a lot of cool things that people can be doing - it's just that not a lot of people are trying to do anything new. You're doing something new and that's cool. I'm just looking for people around the area that are looking for a place to work on new things with.
  • That's not it. It's not about perfection, it's about ease. A lot of people are fine with exploring things that have already been done to death, like magnets or LED arrays. It's not as hard, and it's less risky spending time on something you know will work versus something you don't, which is the key problem. Most people…
  • You could always.... do something that isn't implanting yourself? There's a million different and better things you could do in relation to biohacking, and if your reasoning for doing a potentially damaging surgical procedure on yourself with no prior experience is literally "there's nothing around me and i'm too young to…
  • There's research being done on LED films; you could probably find a way to rig up a thin adhesive film with them as a temporary enhancement - you could even go a step further and make them display patterns and sequences.
  • Do you have experience in delicate work like this? I don't think self implantation at any age is good unless there's been some experience.
  • It's not a good idea to take any substance for improving cognitive functions when you're 15. Your brain will continue development until at least 25; Arkcon and Ember may be right in that some of these drugs might help you during this period, but no nootropics are tested for this effect. There's no documentation, and any of…
  • Societal change and acceptance of new norms is always something that always takes time. It's entirely possible that with the advent of cosmetic or functionally better prosthesis there'll also be a surge of sentiment against it - both by people who fear or misunderstand change and by those who find it indefensible from a…