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  • Alright. This is an interesting thread so far. I haven't been around a while and was very happy to see this since i've been thinking about it. I assume the squiggly wire is pretty much agreed upon as being a method of great potential, diy-wise. My humble input consists of this; as someone already mentioned tattoos are not…
  • @DirectorX @SovereignBleak I agree with your sentiments. Although I ain't seen the police around here yet :) Freedom for all humans made sense until the majority of humans became weak-minded fools who can't even be bothered to take care of themselves. In this age we are born into you can either be cushioned into…
  • Ida, throw this hand into that gear!
  • I am not set up yet, but I got and idea of what I should get. From's dissection section: Pointed tweezer Preparerneedle Scalpell-shaft & pack of blades Dissection tray Tool-stand They have a nice and cheap ultrasonic cleaner there too, maybe a bit much though :) From Suture-thread with needle. For…
  • @Unqualified Subdermal magnets sounds like a very clean way to do this. @DirectorX Where exactly were you thinking of putting these implants? Were you thinking of a single series of implant in one place, or several implants or clusters of implants? For example I can see the benefit of having implants in you hands…
  • @MrWizrd Fixed.
  • 20 for me please. Name: Daniel Sandvik Adress: Storängsvägen 9a City/town: Åkersberga Postal Code: 18431 Country: Sweden
  • I know a man who invests in this and that, and one of his investments is in a company creating an enclosure or capsule of sorts which would allow researchers to implant a small amount of stem cells in a human and let them divide within the limited space of the capsule. The device is built so that it lets in the nutrients…
  • @Unqualified Rather than identifying one as part of a group I for one wish to identify myself with an idea or subculture. Neither of those are exclusive, I can partake in more than one, and I agree that many signs or logos seems more right than making a single one. The point of not having one logo is also that this would…
  • Don't know if this is old news or not, but I checked with V&P and the parylene coating is Parylene C, not some other variant. This is not tremendously important, but from what I can gather Parylene C is the preferred variant for implants..
  • I'm wondering whether there is an relable way to safeguard yourself from cutting too far. Maybe trying to push some thin rubber plate in beneath before you cut? I would like to try this out for myself but i'm not sure I could trust my hand not to flinch if i'm doing it myself..