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  • Yes, induction charging (which qi charging is an open standard of) has very likely been tested. The issue is not getting the power transmitted (although that can be difficult enough). The issue (the way I see it anyways) seems to be the very understandable hesitation of people to just implant a battery. Yes, with qi…
  • No worries, hang tight, I'll just shoot you a couple dms/mails with questions if I'm stuck, that you can answer if you find the time/nerve. ;) Can't be too long till the entire thing blows over.
  • Hey @Cassox, I shot your gmail a message, not sure if you've seen it. I'll try to get something working as well, casting phosphorescent dust in resin and coating it in proper silicone can't be that hard. nervous laugh I'll try to remember posting here, still working out the sourcing. also @Rem Cassox did/does something…
  • please tell me the scale is in cm instead of inches. also I sent you a pm, small reminder in case you didn't see it ;)
  • I'd go for only glow powder for now and would be down for engineering a functional LED implant later on.
  • Yeah, as I at least tried to say, they're trying to rig together a wearable of some kind to continuously have the xLED glow. (Or have it glow when inducting energy) And yes, whilst both versions of "glowy bits under your skin" are pretty appealing, I'd like some version of passive glow until the more contollable version is…
  • Sure, I'll gladly take Bioglass (Pyrex I presume?) ones off your hands. :) Oh yeah, there's a couple of guys over at the DangerousThings forums trying to build a bracelet to keep the 13.56 MHz xLED charged (myself included).
  • Hey lads, I just stumbled upon this post, is there anyone out there who has the capabilities of making a couple (like 4) of those to implant? Sterilization is not really an issue, as long as the implant has <=3mm, I can sterilize and implant myself.
  • @ThermalWinter I'd be interested in contributing to the project
  • > @ChilliEye said: > You got any prototypes to test, or whatnot? If you can ship uk and the price is right I'm up for it. I'm on board with this as well. (Would need shipping to Germany, though.)
  • Hey lads, in the new year, willing to pitch some of my hard earned dubloons as well, would love to try those out. So yeah, count me in.