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  • Yeah, we tried, but Gizmodo is troll heaven. BoingBoing had significantly nicer comments, even if they were fewer. I wonder how they'll react to my skin pockets idea, if I ever manage to get it done.
  • Read your article on H+. Didn't know you might be blind soon. Something you might find interesting: I tried to learn this years ago when I first got into the idea of portable computing, but never could learn the sounds. Figure it might benefit you more, though. Oh, and you made it to…
  • By surprisingly good, what do you mean? Like, I could stop playing with surface transducers and go grab me a magnet and a coil loop good? Do you think your implantable airtube idea would drop the power requirement? How big is the coil? I was imagining it being a small loop over the ear, not the monstrosity linked to in the…
  • How long do you think it will take to heal enough to start playing?
  • What would it take to test this?
  • This is what I get for dithering around for months. I was going to get around to eventually finishing these things, I just got mired in the technical details of what I was trying to do. Needless to say, I'll be watching your progress closely. Your idea seems more elegant than mine, if it can produce decent sound quality…
  • I'd be down with this, though I work nights and my weekend is usually in the middle of the week. EST, so GMT -4 or -5 depending on if we're in Daylight Savings Time, which I can never remember. Wednesday seems pretty safe for me.
  • How far along are you on this project? This sounds pretty cool! I didn't think skinsafe conductive paint could carry enough current to really be useful beyond a few inches.
  • If you find a good source, let me know. I'm still looking for a replacement to mine. I'm in the same boat as Shishou at the moment.
  • The store is on the backburner for the moment, as I get my finances squared away. But I agree: a starter kit would be pretty fantastic. When I launch it, I'll make sure the include one.
  • Interesting. My main concern would be of infection while the piercing is removed. Is that not an issue?
  • @DirectorX: Thanks, that's great info! I could see the bipedicle procedure being adopted for this, though the size would still necessitate a stretching implant. I wonder how adaptable the skin is compared to the ear, though... One promising thing is that the repositioned ear grew together with the rest of the flesh and…
  • @everyone who's had pain from their magnets: how big are yours? I have pain from my 2x7mm bar in my pinky, but that's a sizable magnet. How does the pain level of a smaller magnet compare with larger ones like that?
  • So how many people here have actually used injection to get their magnets in? I only know of me and BrandonKing. Anyone remember how they did it, their pain levels, size of magnets, etc?
  • Sounds like your experience closely mirrored mine. Overall, the process was painless, fast, and clean. But my god, does watching a video of it actually happening still weird me out. You would think that having done it would make it less cringe-worthy.
  • First, Congrats! How was the pain? Second: Try Youtube, just set it to not be viewable without the link. It looks like the Facebook link won't work because of your privacy settings.
  • Great! You still planning on shooting a video?
  • Let me know how it goes. I'm a fast learner, but there's only so much you can learn by just trawling the internet for info.
  • Okay, short update: got some transducers, soldered them up, and gave them a shot. They work plenty well, though audio quality clearly wasn't a focus. Pretty cool to play with though. So, basically I'm wondering if anyone knows anyone who might know of better sounding transducers. Next I need to experiment with the cable. I…
  • ThomasEGI: is there any reason why we couldn't use something like a small commercial inductor for the cables, rather than making our own coils? Assuming I could find small ones, of course.
  • Ah, I remember that one. Good to know about the parylene. Thanks.
  • Yeah. That, and those are disks, I believe, not bars suitable for injection. I've had no problem finding appropriately sized disks, but cylinders make more sense to me, thanks to the lack of mess and pain. I've put in a few RFQ with small batch coating companies, but I'm a little worried because most don't allow for home…
  • Those are the reasons I've chosen PTFE, too. That, and I've heard that parylene does degrade pretty easily, because it is soft. Alright, I'll keep looking for a good source for magnets. I've found some companies that specialize in coating, so if I have to I can just get some cheap N42 bars of the right size and send them…
  • I'm still planning for precoated magnets, but I still need the coating. My induction loops must be coated in something, as well as my implants. I was thinking of VP for my magnets, but I guess I was hoping that someone had a source with a little more variety. Their stir bars seem to have a minimum of 6mm diameter, where I…
  • How many would that be?
  • Well, I'm glad to see that people are interested in this! I'm going to start with magnets, but I think I will order some injectors too. I'll see if I can't find a distributor. Once I get it up I'll write a little something for magnets, though I'm hardly an expert yet. RDB: did you do any sourcing? I'm having trouble…
  • Thanks for that. That is good to know. Okay, so, since it is impossible to thread one of those inductive heads through the body, the design for a conductive wire would have to be two-fold: 1: have one of those connectors that ThomasEGI mentioned here, with the silicon and dummy connection. This will connect2. the inductive…
  • I actually have a 7x2mm bar magnet in my finger right now, and I'd love to upgrade to a similarly sized bar made of better material. I actually thought that was a common implant size, to be honest. Okay, so to start out, I'll grab a bunch of different magnet sizes, some wire, and some coating. If it proves to be…
  • Who knows? My mistake was installing unknown magnets in the first place. I got blinded by a cheap price and easy access, and assumed all products in a category were the same. Turns out, they're not. Don't buy your implant magnets off of Amazon. Especially if they don't list the magnet material.
  • Meanderingman: I could see writing a detailed ebook on implanting magnets. That one I could do myself, probably. Others would need to tackle other topics. So you're thinking scientific literature, too? Like, relevant studies and research? Or manuals that aggregate that into a single easy tome? Purplep: I'll look into it.…