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  • Vicarious also made a little reader module with a PN532 and a Leonardo Pro Micro because it has native USB support. He posted the code and somebody put a build guide together.
  • Well, that completely depends on how you "modify" it. If you tweak it to produce cyanide instead of carbon dioxide, then you're going to encounter some issues. In that case, you may indeed be slaughtered by bubbles.
  • I agree with Ironalex. Remove it, clean it, and try again. Just to add my experiences from two installs. I had an body mod artist do the install (which I highly recommend). He used a piercing needle bevel up and went pretty deep. Then he just pop…
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  • That's awesome. I've wanted something like that but haven't had time to build and test. Did you write some firmware for it, and what type of output do you get through the cable? I bet you could get keyboard emulation working pretty easily.
  • That's pretty cool. Do your images not reveal anything about the actual boards intentionally? Could it possibly be a PN532 reader with a custom interconnect board and a small micro like the Elite-C that has USB-C and castellated mounting holes?
  • How high are you right now?
  • This is good info. I'm not a DIYBio focus, so I'm not qualified to make judgements on this. I do have some familiarity with the processes. My understanding is that …
  • Damn, that's some hacky shit. New peglegs? I've been into that flywire shit before with some of my projects, but I've never encapsulated them in bioresin XD more power to you, man.
  • I'm not saying you can't do that, I'm saying it will be extremely inefficient. The temperature differential would be very small if you want to avoid frostbite in the skin cells at the interface. We're talking microamps. Also, I presume you would …
  • The bioglass could last indefinitely. Amal's had an RFID in that uses the same glass for 15 years now. Good luck friend, and be careful
  • That would actually be an interesting use case. If you regularly swam through frigid bodies of water, and didn't want to get lost, you could have a magnetometer implant that is only charged while you're swimming. Pretty niche, though.
  • So, my understanding is that a thermopile will encounter the same problem as a thermoelectric generator in an implant scenario. They both require a temperature _differential_ to generate current flow. While that might work as a patch on the surfa…
  • I switched from a TiN coated magnet to having a parylene coated one that my body mod artist happened to have. I've had it in for about 6 months with no issues, but it's certainly not going to last forever. I'm also really not looking forward to the …
  • From what I've seen, the "typical" size for a sensing magnet is 3mm diameter by 1mm height. The smaller mass makes it easier for an external field to vibrate the magnet. Sourcing a reliable magnet is definitely an issue lately. I think …
  • Excellent news. During the ideation phase I remember my confidence level in the wording being moderate-low, but seeing the Code of Ethics published in its current state I strongly agree with all the tenets.
  • Nobody has succeeded thus far using an implanted magnet as a mount for external hardware. The skin between becomes crushed and bloodflow is restricted. I suppose you could implant a large disc to distribute the crushing force of the magnet over a la…
  • I have never used a CRISPR kit, but my understanding is that it's utility for modifying adult humans is severely limited by the fact that you'll only be making edits to small groupings of somatic cells. There are changes that you can affect, but the…
  • Hey @Bunk8, welcome to the community. If you don't mind sharing, what articles did you read that led you to the conclusion that CRISPR could be used to treat depression?
  • Sorry, you might have said that already. Best of luck, glad to hear the other is well.
  • Are you gonna coat them yourself, or implant them as is?
  • I wanted to help out with this and contribute, but I'm not a regular redditor and I don't have much bandwidth atm. Thankfully, I just checked over there and it looks like it's coming along nicely. Posts seem much more biohacky and less psuedoscience…
  • For the enamel coated copper wires, to remove the coating you just need to burn it off by submerging the wire in a bead of molten solder on the tip of the iron. It takes a second for the liquid solder to heat up the wire enough for it to enter the b…
  • I don't have huge fingers, but it's rarely noticeable. It's placed more to the side of my left ring fingertip, away from the pad. I've only had it in for 4 months, but no issues so far. It's parylene coated. My last magnet was TiN and failed in l…
  • With the current level of tech and cost, It does not seem worthwhile to replace a functioning limb with a prosthetic simply for fun. @Pritchdex I agree with your sentiment about pain management being a motivator for prosthetics. As a personal …
  • Did you heat the magnet above 100°C at any point before you implanted it? I autoclaved one of my previous magnets (like a dingus) and I couldn't sense very much with it as a result. It can't be allowed to approach the Curie temp.
  • Test it out with an uncoated magnet in the same spot and see how much they attract when your hand is in a resting position. I do not think a small magnet in your ring finger will attract a small magnet in your middle finger unless they are on the si…
  • The xG3 is a recent addition to biohacking (May 2019). People have been coating and implanting magnets for many years now. There have been numerous ebbs and flows of Implantable magnet supply. You just happened to become interested in this at a time…
  • You can access desktop mode on your phone browser. Just go to the menu and check the "Request desktop site" option, or equivalent (See attached). The search bar will be in the top right of the page. Please don't necro threads that are more…
  • There's a search function on this website, but your browser will have to be in desktop mode to use it.
  • I'm not inclined to cut costs on a semi-permanent addition to my body. Here's a "recent" thread you might find useful: