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  • Nebula Genomics is pretty good if you want the privacy.
  • I forgot there's also several subreddits: r/grinders r/DangerousThings r/DIYBio and so on... I wouldn't bother with r/biohackers. It's full of supplement red light therapy cold shower whackadoos
  • There's the Dangerous Things forum I linked you to, and an unofficial Discord channel. There's also the slack associated with this forum, although I've heard it's largely inactive at the moment. We seem to be in a lull where the last generation of grinders have either left the scene for life stuff, or have started…
  • Hey SkeinError, welcome to the party! I can definitely help out with some of your questions. Full disclosure I work with VivoKey, who are indirectly involved with Dangerous Things. * If you go to a professional piercer in the US, you can expect a fingertip magnet install to run anywhwere from $60-$150 depending on the…
  • I can help with that if you want. I design NFC antennas and convert payment wearables into implants.
  • Depending on the proximity of the locations, that should definitely be doable. You should make sure you eat and drink enough before the procedure, and warn the body mod artist if you're the feinting type. It's also going to be a bit difficult to drive yourself home, especially if they're in both hands.
  • It would be great to meet you in person, Sandra. I hope you can arrange to get out there. I plan to attend if it's happening. Too many years of missed opportunities to pass it up.
  • Make the situation fully known to the public by getting medical imaging done. That should be irrefutable proof. If a doctor says you have a neuralink implanted then you'll have support in your mission to get it removed and the perpetrators brought to justice.
  • Please do not attempt to cut anything out of yourself until you have actual proof that there is something to cut out. If you hadn't seen the Google image search and the heaps of misinformation about this online would you still think this is the cause of your symptoms?
  • Unless you have evidence to back up your claims I don't think we'll be able to help you. You may want to seek medical assistance. At the very least they can do imaging to determine if there are any foreign bodies implanted. Something like a neuralink would be very noticeable on an x-ray. With our current technology level…
  • My understanding is that they stopped making them because the transdermals weren't able to hold the weight of the device for extended periods without the skin getting very irritated and eventually rejecting.
  • Sent it off to Amal for encapsulation in his biopolymer. It will be nice to have my real debit card with a longer expiration date and no fees after all these Purewrist shenanigans. I wish there weren't so many players standing in the way of implantable payment...
  • Unfortunately I don't have one to trade, but I'm curious how long/often you plan to wear it for?
  • Interesting. I don't know if I would consider that an implant, more a transdermal or a piercing. I mean, I personally wouldn't do that, especially because it would be hard to sleep on it. They should be able to do whatever they want with their body though. I just hope they did it out of personal desire, and not just…
  • Specifically it's much easier to convert a card if it's a payment wearable because they often use MOB chip packages (pictured above) that have convenient "wing" contacts that are not bound to a contact interface. Dual interface cards have a tiny silicon die encased in resin which is not easy to connect an antenna to (see…
  • I just hope we don't start relying on biometrics for our day to day stuff because it's not secure. Sure it's somewhat difficult to emulate a fingerprint or a palm scan *now*, but as soon as out becomes more ubiquitous and there's money to be made for thieves they'll find an exploit, and what are you gonna do then?…
  • Amazon One will use infrared scanning of the veins in your palm, which you can't modify. I personally hate the idea of relying on biometrics. It's kind of like using a magstripe on your credit card, but if it's compromised it can never be changed. I much prefer implanted secure elements with changing keys.
  • I'm not sure exactly how much pinching force your skin can withstand for more than 8 hours without necrosis. I would imagine it's very little, something less than 1kpa (0.1N/cm²). If you want to calculate the pull force of a magnet to ferromagnetic steel you could use a calculator like this:…
  • I assume for holding up your glasses you're going to want to wear them for more than 10 minutes at a time, which will present an issue. Picking objects up normally occurs over just a few seconds. You may be able to get wider flat magnets installed and make very wide metal mounting plates on the glasses to distribute the…
  • Mounting things to your body with implanted magnets is not really viable because it pinches the skin in between and causes tissue necrosis.
  • You could do some exploration into energy harvesting. Make an autonomous solar powered boat, or a clock that runs indefinitely off of motion capture or temperature gradient or betavoltaics.
  • Did you want it to be body augmentation related, or just general? If you just want a project idea you could make a smart mirror
  • What kind of things do you like to do? Are you more of a tinkerer, programmer, artist, manager?
  • I live in the US (unfortunately) so I won't be using them as payment implants. I got them more as a novelty so I could do some testing of the chip behavior, antenna characteristics, and encapsulation durability. I also have a flexDF from DT that I had installed for two years removed recently, and the encapsulation is still…
  • Augmentation Limitless is going to charge you ~$80 for one of their magnets because of all the labor that went in. The xG3 v1 is $70 and the v2 is $130 right now. I understand the Titan is expensive, but it is a permanent addition to your body. You don't have to get a Titan, but if you're not willing to spend $80 on a…
  • Cassox is very a hard dude to pin down. He's an ER nurse and a mad scientist so he doesn't have a lot of bandwidth to chat. You can try [email protected], but it will still be slow. I've heard he's active on the Slack for this site, but you need an invite for that.
  • Gold alone is not enough because it's mechanically very weak so it experiences cracking and flaking. I don't think putting gold on top of or underneath the TiN is viable or wise.
  • True card cloning is only viable with the PAN data on the magstripe. In the US at least they're mostly on contact interface and just starting to get contactless, but they still have magstripe. The only security is the second factor of authentication (the PIN code). You can technically perform "replay attacks" on cards with…
  • Currently you could consider purchasing a PMMA+Palaseal coated magnet from Cassox at Augmentation Limitless, or you could purchase a glass coated xG3 or a Titanium encased Titan from Dangerous Things. They all could last indefinitely. I've had all of these magnets installed and they're good. I've also had a TiN and a…
  • When you talk about cloning a credit card, you're confusing the old magstripe technology with the new secure element type cards (contact/contactless). Look up symmetric key and then asymmetric key encryption for some context. Inside the secure element there are symmetric keys loaded on at special factories that allow…