I have 23 implants. 21 RFIDs X2, xEM, xNT, xSIID blue, SIID amber, flexSIID green, xLED HF: 3 white, 1 red, xLED LF: 1 white, xIC, NExT, flexDF, flexNT, vivokey Spark 2, vivokey flexone beta, flexpay, xM1, xM1+, xBT 2 Magnets : magnet from Samppa & xG3


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  • Doesn't hurt :) I have several Chips implanted. I love watching the procedure. This was on a Chips & Beer Party in Vienna. Sorry its German
  • Yes - from my small power converter I must hold him agains my ear to hear it. The most impressive thing was - the security gates at a library, where a freidn from Germany is working. I can feel them from 1,5 meters away - and it must be 5 - 7 meters that Ican hear them - when I'm inside the buildng. I don't have the…
  • Hello I have the magnet fro Samppa since February 2018 implanted - no problems. Left ringfinger The xG3 V1 is in my right tragus. I need also to travel. I can recommand Martin Kraus in Düsseldorf / Germany - he has also the magnets from Samppa. I got the magnet from Samppa from him . He also implanted the xG3. I think you…
  • My bodymod says: don't play around for 2 month. It waas a hard time - 2 or 3 times I lift only some paperclips - to show it. Healing was very good - the stitches removed a doctor - because I need to travel to othe countrys to get a bodymod. Last year I was a bit bored and tried, how much can I lift. I must also say i can't…
  • hello I don'T know the excat name of this: They have also handheld scanning devices at the security gates. We have a security gate at the visitor terrace from the airport. I talked with the security personel, if they can try to find the magnet and the RFIDs.. nothing - I showed them the position - nothing happend.
  • I have a magnet from Samppa since 3 years in my left ringfinger - its amazing for feeling magnetic fields. I was able to feel them on the same day - after getting it implanted I visit a friend in the library :) It was like: WHOW - I feel the security gates from 1,5 meters away Thx for the picture :) I didn't have a picture…
  • so ordered today a shirt and a sticker :)
  • this is a magic bolt von amazon: Ok, I have the magnet from "Samppa" but I think this works also with other magnets.
  • Are there no microcards in the USA ? I know that they are very rar in Europe too, there are only a few companys - online banks who offer them.
  • Love it :) Glad that I can pay in the most stores in Austria with my card. The most people at the checkout reacted like: this is cool - how did you do this. Did you really have a card implanted. I work in a supermarket - so my collegues know it, that I always pay with my hand :) One of our youngest workers, said to an…
  • i have a site about chipimplants, but it is in German, you can click on the google translate button. My site have also some other stuff from my holidays and hobbys on it. Maybe this helps a bit :) I have a lot of RFIDs implanted
  • I don't have the Tragus Implant yet, I will buy two magnets, when I know if it is possible. The problem is how can I connect the amlifier with the radio set. I don't like to have an earphone. In the delicatess department it is very loud so the oven for the bread and rolls make a sound. A headphone on one war, talkin with…
  • Hello Maybe if you are planning visiting Austria / Vienna. I have several chipimplants (14 at the moment) and 1 magnet. Next year I will travel to Germany and I will get more RFID Implants (Düsseldorf) Greetings Sandra
  • I saw the first Shirt at "forbidden planet" in london with: "Keep calm and don't blink" I saw also Shirts on several Convention - I didn't know who created the text in the first time. I saw this on shirts from several TV Shows, Movies,... (Star Trek, Star Wars,....)
  • A friend created this for me: there is a working design (the very blank one, where you can only see the red chip and the NFC icon) for shirtinator I have already two Shirts with it :) I love wearing it in Vienna. Intresting is when I wear…
  • I have the App since 2017. First I didn't use a password and I had activated the automatic update - my phone started new and I wasn't able to lock in. My luck was I made some mistakes and I was able to enter the settings. It was so strange, because NFC was deactivated after the update and it wasn't possible to turn it…
  • you can also get the chip with a red light :) I will get one as a christmas present
  • Damn, why is the chipped shirt only in this light colors :( I wear about 98 % Black I love to get one or two :) Some dark colors would be great, like the other shirts from the store. I don't like light colors, because I don't wear a bra - I don't need one. shipping to Austria possible ?
  • Great size :) Try to contact Amal
  • I saw one converted payment implant from Amal. How big are your micro payment cards? Maybe you can send Amal some pictures. The cards in Austria are a bit bigger (3 cm * 2,5 cm)
  • This is strange - what I heard this isn't possible. I have a friend who is working at a bank ( a local one in Germany) He said it that you can't open an account. I heard it also in a german facebook group from people who moved from Germany to Sweden - that it takes time ... and then you can open an bank account. Where are…
  • Yes, it expires. You can't open a german bank account, if you are not a resisdent of Germany. Where did you read: shelf life and durability? I'm from Austria and I'm still waiting for payment implants from "Dangerous Things"
  • I live in Austria (near of Vienna) I have at the moment 14 RFIDs implanted (3 of them are the xLED) and 1 Magnet
  • I went do a piercing / bodymod studio. I would never do it by myself. About two weeks ago, I got the NEXT and 3 xLEDs installed by "CALM" in Stockholm. I was there on holiday.
  • quick read - also through the protection case: samsung tablet active 2 sometimes good, then a bit lomge: Samsung S8+ I got sometimes reading errors, because i have in the same hand an other high frequency chip. There was also a time, I run a software update - I wasn't able to read the spark anymore - after the enxt 2…
  • Hopefully next year I can come. When will the date be released?
  • the other KSEC partners in the UK are also far away?
  • what about public transport? I used the train to get to Eastbourne. For me it is normal to travel to get bodymods.
  • Contact: Kai from they are in the UK and have partners. Last year I got the flexDF and the xBT installed from them. Great work. I got my "Vivokey Flex One" installed in Germany. ( I'm from Austria and I must travel to other countrys to get bodymods.