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  • So at the moment I'm looking into ultrasonically welding a coating of thermoplastic onto a magnet. Currently working on getting the welder itself working(buying one would cost thousands) . I'm optimistic, though: the method has the potential to crea…
  • For my money, the key to no rejection is simply good implantation and coating. Once it's in there, I'd say "take it easy" is pretty much the extent of preventing rejection. Keep it wrapped for a while so it doesn't get banged, don't slam y…
  • In my experience, fda2t doesn't bind particularly well to the magnets we're using, and isn't that strong an epoxy to begin with. Not that I've tried roughing them up first, but that would be my main concern.
  • Seems like a bad idea to me, for the reason you mentioned.
  • Rubber band from a dust mask. Either side of the base of the finger, then the tip, going off Chironex's video.
  • Oh? Mine didn't seem to have changed in size since implantation. There wasn't any inflammation or swelling, it just seemed to be magnet pushing up skin.
  • I've actually removed my magnet. Microscope inspection still looks quite clean. The bump was just too much.
  • Still a bit tingly, I'm afraid. Likely something to do with the tourniquet. It has gone down, but not all the way.
  • Well, like I said before, there's no real inflammation or the like. It appears to have simply been put in too shallow. Not sure I'm clear on how to properly gauge depth during implantation.
  • I did, bud. Look up :)
  • Welp, I think mine's gonna need to come out. I'll probably do it tonight. It hasn't shown signs of rejection or anything, but I feel I didn't put it in deeply enough. 2 weeks in, there's still a small, painful lump on the finger that doesn't appear …
  • Two week update: Still healing. No signs of rejection, far as I can tell. Photos attached. The whole-finger numbness I experienced following the procedure has reduced pretty dramatically, but has not completely dissipated as of yet. The magnets t…
  • Why didn't I think of that? Ive used that kind of electrolysis to induce oxidation before (not in magnets, and not for long periods) . I'm sure you're aware, but oxidation of electrodes would be a big obstacle. I would imagine gold would be best. Ma…
  • Which tests have they failed? I've had 4 polished ones in a bottle of detergent+saline. 10 days in, they all look pristine to the naked eye. I'll check again with a microscope soon.
  • @nothot You should put some photos up.
  • > @ThermalWinter said: > @Rytcd said: > 1 week later. Seems to be bulging more than I'd noticed before. Slight paleness over magnet. > > > > > > To be honest the method you used to determine if the coati…
  • Sounds good. I left some photos in nothot's thread
  • I'd highly recommend hitting a couple with polishing paste. No more soot, shinier, cleaner looking magnet.
  • 1 week later. Seems to be bulging more than I'd noticed before. Slight paleness over magnet.
  • Guess I'll keep tossing my own record into this thread. 6 days later. Numbness seems to be receding, light scab on the entry and where the stitch was. Skin is still a light pink on top of the pocket . Keeping Vaseline and bandaid on it for the time …
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  • Thanks, Cassox. I look forward to seeing your notes. I'd definitely recommend diamond paste polishing the SMM magnets. I made 4, and have left the 3 spares in saline to monitor. Minor editorial note: "The claim by SMM to be an N52 is most likel…
  • Ohh, something like 40 minutes. I didn't have any ominous discoloration, or anything. I'm really not too worried, but it's inconvenient in the meantime, so wanted to seek out any kind of timetable.
  • Yes. I can feel, for instance, a light touch on the fingertip now, but things are still less sensitive than normal, and in some spots a light touch can't be felt. The finger is pretty tingly and lightly pins-and-needles. I'm pretty convinced it's…
  • Details are in nothot's thread.
  • The straightforward answer is that Haworth's have been around for a while, and have been shown to work fairly reliably, but with the caveats that they don't seem to hold up forever, can be hard to source if memory serves, and are thicker and more cu…
  • https://www.mddionline.com/using-polyurethanes-medical-applicat Judging by a quick google search, I highly doubt it.
  • The only difference is that the magnet will be slightly stronger. Health concerns generally have more to do with fighting infection, preventing oxidation, etc.
  • T+10hrs. So I polished the 4 best looking magnets in the 10 pack, put them in a tall glass of warm, salty water with a few drops of soap, and let them sit for the better part of 3 days. After which I had 4 completely pristine magnets, they appea…
  • No, I don't know him particularly well, though I've known him for a long time. I told him I was putting together an emergency first aid kit due to being involved in a lot of community service activities (which was true). Lidocaine does require a pr…