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  • I really like the idea of placement. If I ever get more magnets, thumbs seem like a cool idea. :-D
  • Happy Chinese New Year! 
  • Hey Alex, funny, I ordered some of these on aliexpress a week ago because I had the same idea :). If you use something other than your phone as a reader, can you get a better range? (My knowledge about RFID is … very limited.) Since these are nail stickers, I guess they are not available with bigger coils, which would be…
  • Ivo, at the Amsterdam Tattoo Convention two years ago I talked to some people of Dare2Wear Amsterdam. They do magnetic implants too and seemed like a decent place.
  • I actually think we have a lot of engineers in the biohacking scene, what we need is more people with a medical background :) . Maybe it's because I'm an engineer myself, but I feel learning about engineering/hardware/software using freely available resources is much easier than with all the medical stuff. I agree with…
  • I like ElectricFeel's stance, but I think that's how it should and will ideally be, and until then it helps people a lot to feel explicitly welcomed. (WELCOME EVERYBODY! <3 <3 <3) I think aviin is right in that there is a lot of common ground for queer people & biohackers, but apart from that I also just love to combine…
  • Hey! If you find any, please also direct them to http://cyborgs.cc/ – we meet every second Monday at cbase.