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  • I'd like to get some of those to see how they perform. Can you post the link to the seller?
  • Most card readers have a coil that's designed to magnetically couple with the large coils in a 'credit card' sized tag. That is, the coil is a large flat shape, rectangular in the case of a card, some of them are keytags that are circles, but in both cases the coil itself has a large diameter and short 'height' or length.…
  • I had pretty good, tho quite temporary results just using crazy glue. I had to reglue it about every 12 hours, but kept it for 3 days or so. Even just 3 days was enough to recognize a noticable change in sensitivity and perception.
  • There's already a few wearables on the market for detecting UV exposure.
  • If it's a glass tube kind, and does not have a 'biobond' coating, then to remove it you just make a small incision at one end of the implant, and just sort of squeeze it out. It should just pop out of the cut, kinda like popping a pimple. If it's a glass tube that does have the 'biobond' type stuff, then I think you'd have…
  • I've done four self-implants. Two in left hand, one in chest, and a couple days ago, one in my right hand. Doing the hands by yourself is tricky cos you're doing it one-handed. I used a sort of forceps thingy to pinch and lift the skin, hooked onto a shelf on my desk to keep it tented. Just don't pinch too tight or you'll…
  • Most of the rfid/nfc glass implants I've seen are 2mm diameter x 12mm long. The only other size I've seen is 3mm x 13mm but only seen one chip in that format (MF1S50). No idea where to get the glass capsules tho, sorry.