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  • I have a full glass studio at my home, and I have been playing around with glass capsules for a while now. I have quite a bit of practice making implant sized capsules now, so if you ever want to play around with it, let me know. I think you could be onto something with magnetizing it afterward, but the material itself…
  • @Griskard I would also be interested in an implantable watch. If it was super high quality with Bluetooth capability, a notification/alarm vibration, and minute interval, I could see paying $300-500. I have used smart watches since they came out, and the only features (besides timekeeping) I have ever used more than once…
  • Yay, got one!
  • At the moment the Haworth magnets are the safest. The silicone used is super heavy duty, and is designed to hold up to just about anything. The downside is that the slightly thicker coating makes them a tiny bit weaker by comparison. In my opinion the tiny strength loss is worth having a coating that will take a beating.
  • @glims aggressively growing trees sounds like an awesome project! I would love to hear more about that! It reminds me greatly of an idea I had to make home defense trees using Black Locus trees as the base. They are the meanest trees I know of. When they are small, they have large thorns covering the trunks but they break…
  • @beano that is awesome, I am waiting on a sensing magnet, I can't wait to get it implanted. I'm curious, how have they helped you with troubleshooting, and how many/what type do you have? That is exactly what I am hoping to use mine for, so I'm really interested!
  • I am an Electrical Technician. I work mainly in the coffee industry, building and troubleshooting the automated systems that control processing and roasting equipment.
  • Apparently the proxmark 3 is the way to go. I have one on the way to clone my HID card into my xEM. There is also a cloner for sale on
  • I would also be interested in such a magnet. Especially if we could get it to closely match an m31. I could see paying $50-120 for something like that.
  • I was actually curious of the same thing. I will consult with the company to see if they are FDA approved.
  • Thanks guys, I figured that the thickness would be best, but always good to check. I contacted BJ magnetics. I will let you know when I get the quote back. Should be sometime early next week.
  • @ranjanabhishek089 I am requesting a quote on magnets matching the m31 dimensions. Can you tell me if they should be magnetized through the diameter, or through the thickness?
  • I have reached out to my contacts in the medical world, we will see if they turn anything up. As for the other magnets, if we can get enough people interested, I could place the order. Are we sure that those are ok to implant without being encased in some sort of medical device?
  • I would be interested in going in on those magnets with you guys. $750 would be pretty easy to raise, even if I/we have to sit on a bunch of them for a little while, the interest is definitely there.
  • @Cassox if it's not too late I would like to order one of this batch! If I am too late, I would like to be put on the list for the next batch please! I have a long history with implants. I had three silicone bead implants for just over 10 years, so I am very familiar with care. Thanks!