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  • Are they made into shapes for a reason? Are you combining the visual effects of dermal implants with the practical uses of a sensing magnet? I was toying around with this a couple of years ago using dental/medical bonding agents used in permanent medical implants that quick-cure under UV Lighting but it was difficult to…
  • It amazes me how difficult it has been to have a supply of biosafe implantable magnets. I've considered several options but many of the coatings used in the medical industry on implants aren't available to the general public, and certainly not in the smaller quantities I'd require. sigh
  • @AlexSmith if you get any more FireFly V2 available please tag me. I can't believe I missed this last batch.
  • Dang, I would have gladly done in vivo testing. >_< Chomping at the bit here.
  • @Beano does Haworth use an N48 instead of the N52? Also, if he only sells to pro mod artists how would anyone else be able to buy one?
  • Right. I was asking what type of silicone coating specifically @McSTUFF. I'm looking at a couple of bioinert RTV silicones and some epoxies. Just curious if anyone knew.
  • Am I the only one who types out long and grandeur posts only to proofread them and delete them before hitting the "Post Comment" button because they would come off as unkind? Anyhow, I digress.
  • @TheGreyKnight, your comment regarding gene/metabolic manipulation got the old juices flowing so I did a little light reading and found some interesting studies being conducted using nanotechnology which bonds magnetic particles to the dermal cells in vivo.…
  • Does anyone have any insight as to what type of silicone coating Steve Haworth uses on his magnets?
  • For what type of application is this coating for? Osseoimplants?
  • I'm sold. Magnet and v2 Firefly. Can't wait.
  • Is the dental resin that is pliable until hardened with a blue light biosafe? If so, this would be a way to coat an implant in a rock hard substance with no heat.
  • Or you could just take large daily doses of potassium iodide (37.5mg) which bind to your thyroid receptors in place of radioactive iodine (Iodine-131) which is a major byproduct of nuclear fission. I keep a bottle of iodine pills and lugol's iodine solution with me in the event of a nuclear disaster. It would at least…
  • @ChrisBot have you implanted your tester magnet yet? Just curious. @AlexSmith are there any updates this month?
  • .: Dear Santa :. All I want for Christmas is to slice open my hands and put magnets in my body. Amen and cheers, PostHumanist
  • @ChrisBot yeah I'm stoked to get mine. I've already got the scalpels, chlorhex, lidocain, sutures, etc.
  • Good deal. I've heard of goobers implanting non-coated magnets they bought on eBay. Glad you did your research. I'm still waiting for magnets to come back to the market from before proceeding. I'm curious to know what you find out about timing of sensations @surf
  • @surf May I ask where you got your magnet from? Just curious because as far as I know right now there are no biosafe sources.
  • @alexsmith, hows the prognosis looking so far? Any updates on the test subjects?
  • I'm getting anxious for magnetic fingers. I've had at least a dozen or more situations where this mod would have come in handy (no pun intended). Thanks for the hard work on getting them tested and I look forward to installation.
  • Most paralytic injuries occur in the spinal cord, so it is most likely a large nerve bundle that is damaged and not a singular nerve fiber. There are a number of projects that are currently being carried out that are similar to what you've just described. e.g.,…
  • There are all sorts of topical analgesics available on the market... over the counter even. I'm not sure why anyone would be against the use of pain reducers during implant procedures. I mean, I like to show off when it comes to pain. I would even consider myself somewhat of a masochist, but numbing agents allow more focus…
  • That's an exciting prospect. Following this thread. You should post your correspondence with the powers that be.
  • I may get one just to work out an implant procedure. I don't know the dimensions of it but I imagine it can be done with greater ease than the OP experienced. Lidocaine would have been a good start.
  • I disagree. A small incision should be made, followed by a probe with a razor edge such as surgical scissors to make a large pocket. Then a needle with a rolled up nfc chip could be implanted. Self surgery isn't for the timid guys. Just saying.
  • Could you not roll the flexible nfc chip up, inject it and it unfurl?
  • I've had another thought after reading the theory of operation of RFID communication and how it's utilized in entry systems. Because I don't have access to the computer at my gym where the FOB data is input or stored, I will attempt to clone that to my implant. That will be my identifier code and I will then program that…
  • I just did mine yesterday solo. Forceps pinched my skin and I used the finger hole as a loop and hooked it on something. As you gently pull your hand away from whatever you use to hook the forceps on, the skin will form a tent. Then it's just a matter of pushing the injector in (far) and pulling it back a little so you…
  • Let me know what you end up using as a reader @Scruffy? Between our concerted efforts we may yet standardize the installation process for RFID entry systems
  • I've used the freestyle machines before but as I recall you simply use a touch interface and push a button. As far as I can tell, the RFID is attached to each drink cartridge and is used to track how much of each beverage is dispensed as well as making sure the correct beverage is dispensed. I don't believe one would be…