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  • @garethnelsonuk I want to build a ASPD comorbid so I don't fall for any more time wasting bullshit dumped on me by clueless people or money wasting bullshit from sociopaths. I spent enough time having my productivity squandered by the government school system. I spent enough time in corporate psychic prison.
  • @navigatorj I mean get rid of the symptoms. To my knowledge is that the only way to get rid of autism is build another brain. In fact I would prefer to get a co-morbidity of sociopathy because it will mitigate all of the downsides I was currently having. I am having lots of luck actually. The Alpha GPC 50% and Noopept is…
  • This may be a completely evil thing to say, but I would like the chance to get the dumb people do something useful for a change. Even if it as small as getting them to troll me so I can pretend I am so much better than all of them and at least get my confidence up.
  • @JohnDoe, hey buddy, you don't know the half of it. If you did you would understand why I am entertaining the thought of acquiring antisocial personality disorder.
  • That is an easy one @Meanderpaul . The hardest part of having autism is that people keep Disrespecting My Time.
  • Organisms be default replicated via asexual reproduction. Eukaryote organisms adopted sex to get the advantages of DNA repair, novel genotypes, and increased resistance to parasites. I don't think a multicellular organism reproducing asexually would last too many generations.
  • I figured out something that works. I take 10mg of Noopept and 600mg of Alpha GPC 50% twice a day. I got both from, a great company, Powder City. It dampened my empathy so I can read people without being hit by empathy at the result of feeling how unprepared or ignorant other people feel. Then I switch in and out between…
  • @Cassox CBC w/ DIFF and PLT WBC 6.2 THOUS/MCL 3 8—10 8 RBC 4.33 MILL/MCL 4.20—5.80 HEMOGLOBIN 14.4 G/DL 13 2—17 1 HEMATOCRIT 43.2 % 38.5—50.0 MCV 95.3 FL 80.0—lO0.0 MCH 31.8 PG 27 O—33.0 MCHC 33.4 G/DL 32.0—36.0 RDW 13.3 % 11.0«15.0 PLATELET COUNT 255 THOUS/MCL 140—400 NEUTROPHILS,ABSOLUTE 3860 CELLS/MCL 1500—7800…