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  • Thanks alot! I was almost sure it wasn't something strange or alarming but I wanted to make sure it's alright. :) It wasn't my favorite hand to implant in as he had alot of veins for some reason, had like 1-2 sq cm to implant in, but a friend (Also implanted by me) said it was looking alarming so I needed some other…
  • I am still active
  • Id Love to let you borrow my Reader but you are really far away, perhaps order some precoded rfid cards in different frequencies
  • My current suggestion would be to check as many cards as possible with your Reader to Double check its working as it should be. Otherwise i Have ordered a RFID copier ( with like 5 Different khz settings) and fiddle a bit with that one to try and find if your cards really are 125khz. As RFID sometimes works on a different…
  • In addition to AlexSmith, you can just simply copy something off another RFID to your 'empty' chip and you will be able to read/write it
  • @RobHPlus no problem! You could wait for reply or a new copier, or try to find someone with a copier/reader that works at 125khz that is closeby just so you can rule it out completely quicker ;)
  • @RobHPlus , Well your copier will only work on the right frequency so it will only pick up 125khz tags. If the tag you want to copy is on 125khz the copier should pick it up. if you put it on your implant and press ' write ' it should copy it on to your tag. IF the implant is also 125khz. So if you have bought the xEM ,…
  • Well freqenty is Key as it only works on one frequency and Both chips need to have the Same ofcourse. If it really was a failed one i would guess to get it out and replace it, Have you Contacted cyberiseme? See next post! My appologies!
  • Maybe creating an IRC just to hang out and talk? Or like an App kind of chatroom where people can create own rooms within it? Not an expert on apps and stuff
  • I'm in The Netherlands, Breda. Haven't met anyone really around me either. Guess people from my town are too narrow minded ;) lol
  • I'm just going t oadd @AlexSmith to this thread to get his attention, if you already have had mail contact with him, I appologize for doing so just trying to help out ;). My idea would also be to test the cloner, try other readers and check double check the frequency of the chip and readers/cloners. Try tags with the same…
  • Not that I know of, you could try to search for the chips that vets use to read the temp of a pet. but It's the same one as DT offers? All tags are used to store data or are being used for their UID to use things, aprart from that one that sends bodytemp. Atleast that I know of
  • Well just pirate it lol, there are plenty of isos out there with Keys so haha. Mac runs perfectly smooth and it will even help you bootcamp. Windows won't be perfect on Mac but hey you won't like game on it! So don't worry
  • I'm going to Push my problem in here : anyone know what to do ; i Have a key from HEWI Opertis (?) It uses nfc but my nfc Readers cant Read it. Also my RFID Reader can't pick it up either. Im so confused
  • @Meanderpaul , Mac is great but it just misses drivers and compability as More things are Made for Windows only. So you are almost forced to bootcamp or get a Windows machine. Or raspberrypi if you are into linux
  • @MRFLUFFYHUGS , so NFC as it has 888bytes of memory and is easier to use. You do need to know if the keycard uses NFC and how the system works so you know that you can replace your keycard with an implant
  • Yeah I can feel mine and see mine very easily aswell. and even more when i flex the muscle. It's all good! don't worry so much about the NFC tags, they are really safe and don't really reject that often(?)
  • Well your First choice would be if you want nfc or RFID as they are Both Different. So what would you like to do with them?
  • I think the possitive thing when using an autoclave is that you don't have to worry about chemical reactions between the filament and the cleanchemicals. I'm not sure if chloroheadine is enough to get it fully sterrile?
  • No even the z ultrat bent alot by autoclaving, well because i Have an autoclave at Home and i prefer to use it instead of chemicals haha.
  • Back Home from my Holiday and this is the zultraT after the autoclave.
  • If it was my hand i wouldnt worry too much with the mindset that the humanbody can easily adapt to New situations. If you keep the wound close so there is no way of the tag to get out it should be Fine. The Medical expert that did my second xnt told me that i just should watch out that the tag can't slip out. So keep a…
  • You could Have the Same problem as me, i Have a Xperia X phone which has a Tiny nfc antenna so i can't Read or write my tags anymore. The other thing could be that the tag needs to settle More, if Im correctly the xnt will get closer to the Skin as it heals and All the swelling will be gone which will help with the reading…
  • I'm clearly No professional but if it was my finger i wouldnt at all by the look of it. Can't say anything about the feeling as i havent had a magnet yet
  • Inplanting alone is possible, ive done it myself Without thending the Skin alot. But some Have used tape and it was discussed in an earlier thread, you just have to grab a piece of tape and put Both ends on your Skin and pull the middle part with your teeth
  • If you Have troubles getting Mac drivers i would suggest to bootcamp Windows on your Mac, its like a virtualmachine only you totally boot into Windows and so you can turn your Mac into Windows with All the capabilities on Windows without a problem. I found it easier than using a virtualmachine Program. As it just turns…
  • Happy to test one with injector methode!;)
  • @Cassox , i can fully understand your point, All i wanted to share was my idea of this site and the grinders, as how i see it. Not saying you arent good at testing anything. i totally believe that you know what you are doing, but i wanted to share my story and vision. My look on things that are going on. And my opinion…
  • I think , i can't spreak for anyone else, that everyone here is against diy coating to keep "us / biohackers/ biohacking" from getting a bad name when a diy coating has gone bad. Atleast thats my opinion. Better Let the People who know what they are doing and Have the Stuff knowledge to check the magnets , to make sure…
  • I can't confirm 100% that it reads More than my phone as my current phone has a bad and Tiny nfc antenna. But i remember trying to crack a few mifares with the acr122u. And the plus side of that Reader is that it is able to be used by shops as contactless payments. So i know it detects my bankcards which are obvisously…