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  • I don't know your age, but you can always ask your doctor about starting trt. If you're 35+ it's pretty much a guarantee your test is low enough for trt to improve your quality of life
  • Also in the midwest. I've met one other person here that was interested so not really. He's in Kentucky now though. Seems it's mostly on the coasts
  • @Erischilde I prefer short ethers so I have more control over when I want to stop/mix things up. I really don't mind pinning something everyday, and whenever I'm on gh I'm taking 3-5 shots a day anyways. Anything that I'm doing more than a few IU I backload the insulin needle. As long as you're decently lean and doing sub…
  • 3rd year college student in a CS major working a help desk job at a small hospital
  • No need to worry about a PCT if you're always on something. Im a blast and cruise kind of guy. Sarms are good place to start if you're only interested in them for gaining some size. That's mildly misleading. No one will get to 265 at 10% from just sarms. They're probably enough to hold you there though. Congrats on the…
  • @Cassox I have experimented with a lot of them, but currently just take 400mg/week of test-propionate along with 2iu of gh per day. That's 18 shots per week, but I only use insulin needles so it's barely any inconvenience. You can take much much more complicated cycles, but this is my default cycle and I've gotten blood…
  • Interesting topic, but whoever wrote this did a pretty bad job of sounding unbiased. I found it hard to take it serious after reading, "...delirious faith in the coming merger of humans and machines." There will always be weird and extreme members of every group. Every single group 
  • @johnDoe and @Benbeezy it's parylen c. Same as my other two. One of them has been in for over 6months
  • I have first hand experience with cardarine and sr9009. I'm no where near your size, but I experimented with them last summer. My running style has always been run until I throw up, turn around and run till I throw up again, and then walk back the rest of the way. Before adding any drugs besides test I was consistently…
  • I'm glad everyone loves the gif. @birdmachine It is healing well. I took the stitches out yesterday. 7 days was long enough for my other two smaller ones, but I think I should've left these in for a few more days. I've smashed it a few times against things and it definitely hurts more then than the smaller ones. I closed…
  • @tekniklr it wasn't very comfortable, and I still made the pocket a bit bigger after the gif. Someone sent me a snap mid way through and I replied with that video. I was equally amused by it so I kept it. It doesn't hurt anymore then the others did, and I don't expect it to fail. Here it is today
  • I got the supermagnetman magnets mentioned above. First one I didn't put deep enough, but second one has been fine so far. 3months on the second one so far.
  • I think it's starting to get rejected at this point. Just got the little skin bubble/pealing most people mention. Ill try the coil pack of my car tomorrow
  • I assumed microwave to be one of the strongest fields around the house. Felt nothing. I'm probably going to put another one of my magnets into my index finger and just keep the ring finger while I wait.