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  • Very cool.
  • I cast Revive on this thread after eight years. I finally made a working haptic compass with no electronics. I used a laser cutter on 3mm thick plywood and assembled it with nylon hardware. Brass also worked. The device is huge, so it is a proof-of-concept, not an implant. I have a couple of stacks of square neodymium…
  • Hello, campers! I am making merit badges for Grindcamp. I plan to give them out whenever I see folx pitching in by cooking, cleaning, speaking, making a supply run, or similar. Some of them are just for giggles, and I hope to surprise people with unexpected badges. They are cut from painted 1/8" plywood, 50 mm diameter,…
  • Have you heard of a BeltBox? You can scream into one, and it will take it down a few decibels.
  • It may be challenging if you want all the processing in the watch because your wrist could swing at changing angles. If you used GPS location data and the watch vibrated or tapped when you walked north, it should work nicely.
  • Welcome to the party, @Goeticgirl2086.
  • Did you have success with the loop/magnet and morse code?
  • Feeling DIY?
  • Promotion!
  • Awww, Cass likes my blog! He might be too modest to talk about his own, but I have no trouble telling people that should be on the list. Lepht Anonym keeps a sporadic blog going.
  • @Cassox, I wasn't calling anyone out. You know that I'm not one for pulling my punches online, and if I was going to point fingers, it certainly wouldn't be in your direction. For that matter, I'd have to tighten up my own game or it'd be hypocritical. @Moonman0922 did an admirable job and I want to recognize that. Now,…
  • @Moonman0922 Thank you for the writeup. I can't tell you how much I appreciate when people take notes and share their results.
  • Welcome to the boards, @thematthewknot. Thanks for the post.
  • I love this as a way to share the magnetic experience with folks who are not interested in getting an implant. The 3D aspect is an added bonus. I tried making a similar app with compass/vibration combo but it sounds like you had a lot more success! Nicely done. I keep a magnet concealed in a pen with me most of the time…
  • @Naikoda, the point @Satur9 is making about moving from the breadboard to a custom PCB is that you greatly reduce the size. Sure, it is relatively easy to mock up a working prototype while the PCB route is a whole different beast, but the less STUFF, you have to put inside a body the better. Human bodies don't come with…
  • Nice mod for the price of a couple of cups of coffee.
  • I have been over this many times but I have yet to encounter anyone who would say to my face that I am damned for having implants. I live in a liberal area and that is likely a factor but I would invite discussion with someone of authority in theological knowledge. @Loota is right about the book of Revelations 13…
  • This can mess up cheap video recorders without distracting humans. It is far from foolproof but the BBC might not want to pester you if they can't get good looking video. Some RGB LEDs and a microcontroller ought to do the trick.
  • Here is a two-fer. I forgot to post the last show so I am adding that below and after that is the most recent show. We took a chance by reviewing some movies a few weeks ago, namely Realive, a bleak look at what could happen in the early days of human reanimation. Then we talked about Upgrade, a rock-em-sock-em action film…
  • I guess it is becoming time for a new computer. This live recording was filled with technical difficulties on my side. Tim and I talked about the implants currently available. We missed a few. Hopefully we can do another show about this in a year with new implants becoming available.…
  • Our thirteenth episode was about "Why we biohack." We wanted to revisit that since our opinions may have changed as we have grown.
  • Thank you for the link to the spreadsheet. I filled it out. Shared sheets like that are awesome for promoting the citizen science biohacking needs to see more of. Props to whoever started it.
  • @Imbellis, I think my salt content was higher than 0.9% which may be a contributing factor. Gold might be a worthwhile idea. I would be interested to see
  • 29 of my 30 magnets have failed the saltwater test in less than two months. Blog post with a graph.
  • I hope people see this code of conduct and go on to comment in a thread they might otherwise just lurk. If this is what helps people open up and contribute, or just mingle with their community, then it is pure awesome. This code isn't hampering any innovation, and any innovation which contradicts this code would not be…
  • I waved my finger around a magnetic sphere so you can see it twisting under the skin, and get an idea of where I placed mine. It does not interfere with my day-to-day life.
  • I mentioned the water with excessive salt. I have NO idea if this had any effect on the test. I was hoping someone could clarify for me. When I mixed the salt water, I put a few grains of salt into my containers, added water, then tossed in a magnet. I never shook or stirred the salt and water and I saw swirls at the…
  • I started a batch of ten and two failed in 24 hours. A week later, I started a batch of 20 and eight failed within 48 hours. I suspected that my saline solution was not mixed well and all the salt collected at the bottom and compromised the coating unduly, but hearing from Cassox makes me think that the magnets are failing…
  • When my magnet when it, it was a quick slip of a scalpel, gloved hands pushed the magnet in, a single stitch closed it up. Nice and neat. When it came out, there was a lot more blood. The mass surrounding my magnet was easily ten times the volume of the magnet. Maybe it was not gnarly in comparison to what you are used to,…
  • @trroyyc, it is not the end of the world but you might have gnarly surgery in your future. Where are you getting your information that neodymium won't hurt you? My magnet removal [LINK]