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  • @cancerian thanks bro.
  • @cancerian i got mine anchored yesterday In the centre of my chest. The piercing itself wasn't painful however the piercer had trouble getting the bat in which was the painful bit. Now I just have to wait to install the north sense. Can't wait.
  • @teknikir that's technically not always true. A lot of people do expiernce surface bars rejecting. However some people's body's are ok with them. I myself have six suface bars running down my spine from my neck down the top of my back that I have ha…
  • @cancerian. Thanks for for the detailed reply. I'll wail to mount mine. At least I don't have to remove my magnets now. Can't wait to get mine lol. And is there anything else you would say needs to be known before hand or helpful to know? Also how p…
  • @cancerian. Thank you for the detailed explanation. It sounds like a complete life changer for you. Really excited for mine now. Did you mount yours straight after getting it pierced or did you let the surface bars heal first? And do you have any ma…
  • On a side note I've now removed my wrist magnet thanks to @benbeezy post.
  • @cassox good point. My theory is that it is mounted on the the piercings so you feel the vibrations through the inside of the skin rather than on the surface.
  • @benbeezy thank you. Is there anyway around the hand put her than the fingers that would be able To detect magnetic fields as am interested in have an array spread around the hand. @aeternaeon I'd love it to be able to be plant internally however …
  • I've only had mine in for about 3 days now so still healing, loving the feel of being able to pick up new magnetic fields. Placed another into my wrist yesterday to see if that will give me a spatial effect when it comes to the magnetic fields. I lo…