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  • I too am from Portland. No implanters here. At this point I'm waiting till Dangerous Things has magnets again until I make my second attempt at anything. The few Seattle implanters I found were "we only give you the price in person" so I don't even know how much stuff goes for really. My next hope was going to be the…
  • I know that back in August there was an article on MSN about "biotechnology in the future" and a few slides on it about the night vision stuff, implant magnets, project bottlenose, and how far along we are in cyborg capabilities. It peaked my interest enough to go looking for the actual community behind the stuff and after…
  • Heh, thanks. :-) @Proteus I wasn't expecting anything, just thought it might be a good question to pose here. As for Ballet, thank you for the suggestion @garethnelsonuk but previous attempts at the sport have turned me off of it altogether. I am working at gymnastics now, so hopefully close enough?
  • I'm interested in possibly joining in on the testing, Say where and when and I'll say yay or nay. I was going to ask about the dieting thing, would just taking the A2 pills enmasse work, or does it need to be done along with the dieting? Second question, what were you guys eating exactly? A list of food items would be…
  • Yeah, I'm pretty much waiting on you @garethnelsonuk here. Very interested though, so good luck.
  • @ceres I'm pretty sure that they're making a WiFi network device that's under their skin to allow a small broadcast signal or a router for their tech. Either way, it looks like an awesome idea and I'm looking into getting one eventually. Although I think I'd prefer a slightly smaller piece.
  • Thanks Proteus, I'll start digging on those leads. As for getting to the level of Mr. Fantastic, I know that's impossible (however much I wish it were), I'm aiming at contortionist levels. Which are theoretically possible. I just thought that there might be something like "Gingold Soda" as a possibility in reality, which…
  • I'm in, heck knows i want to help out on projects here. I'm just a scientifically minded artist, just not much of a bent for bio. Hope this course helps!
  • Yeah, I'm a visual artist working in leather. I am going to be getting a magnet (or two) put into my hands in very carefully selected spots. My left hand is almost always in contact with ferrous tools and so I decided that even though I'm right handed to get it put into the right ring finger. I would have decided on my…
  • Thanks ElectricFeel, i was wondering about that. Looks like sonic is the way to go. 
  • oops, I'm sorry. I haven't gone through and read everything on here. 
  • I'm hoping for upper limits of human capability, to pardon a rather obscure comic book reference, like "gingold soda" does for normal people in the DCU. I do stretch quite frequently and I'm pretty sure I have hit my limit for contorting my body. 
  • Are there still preorders? I would like to get at least one, maybe two. If not I'll go through the kickstarter. Good luck guys!
  • Thanks for the info. I'll try to find a longer range one. I was going to use it the same way as bottlenose, for room navigation, I was also going to do a long distance thermometer attachment too. With luck miniaturize it to the point where I could put both into a gauntlet. Opting for affordable devices like this seems like…