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  • Apparently ngf is an enzyme (or something like that, i forget the name exactly sorry :p) found in only 2 animals known to man, both fish, and when you injected it it burns like a mofo for over a week. In the end, It ends up stimulating your body to …
  • What kinds of stress does the body put on the coating? Acidic, temperature... ? I'm assuming we're trying to mimic the body's response to the magnet, right?
  • That makes sense. Do we know the kind of stress that the human body places on the coating? It was my understanding that bioinert coatings should be left alone by the body.
  • I'm just wondering what annihilating the coating would be useful for? You can't implant that magnet now, and it seems like a waste of $60 from a consumer standpoint. Mild salt water is used because consumers just want a readily accessible test wit…
  • Amen bro. Amen
  • Sent you a PM. Thanks for sharing this opportunity with our community!
  • What's weird about the sphere shaped ones? Does it work just as well as a disk shaped magnets? I would guess the ball turning might feel weird, but is that the only downside?
  • A magnet in a microwave. Huh. And my parents told me sticking a fork in a microwave is dangerous. Anyways, maybe the type of soap matters? Or maybe there's a specific ingredient in some soaps that aren't found in others?
  • Thanks for the update :D @alexsmith
  • @actii Now THATS what I call functional!
  • 1. Cut off blood circulation to your limb of choice. 2. Fall asleep next to an anthill and allow sufficient time for ants to colonize in dead limb. 3. ??? 4. Profit On a serious note, you cant implant them because the insects will need air. If you'…
  • I'm more than willing to participate for the in vivo testing!  It's awesome to see the return of the m31 :D
  • Not like it makes a huge difference in terms of pricing, but isn't Ti3Au 3 parts Titanium for each part Gold (just like H2O is 2 parts Hydrogen for each part Oxygen)?  Either way, with the amount of Gold and Titanium being used for each magnet the c…
  • Super stoked by the results!  Would love to be added to list :)
    in Magnet Status Comment by Josh July 2016