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  • i see this being big in the medical field, imagine one sensor that could relay a ton of infomation, that would be nice, so many less wires covering the patients. there is similar applications i see already happening, one is an implantable blood sugar monitor for diabetics, they just wave their phone infront of it to get a…
  • don't be a bitch, brah, just do it! jk! I had a firefly V1 implanted and it looked about that size, its like a big shot. some whiskey and weed will help you along lol
  • biomedical engineering would be a good fit for building, but if you're really unsure, follow what @Cassox said, get yourself a base level of scientific knowledge (enough to navigate research articles and know the human body well enough to know BS from reality). if you want to cure genetic diseases then look into genetics…
  • I'm in the LA area. I've taken some adrafinil from a @cassox and I found I had some good effects with it.
  • Bugaboo I work in Respiratory Therapy, you do get a good idea of how the body fails rapidly with different disease processes but to be honest the closest and most interesting thing I would say I have seen is therapeutic hypothermia. A majority of my job is spent placing and maintain people on mechanical ventilators. its…
  • @Darthchedar what part or NC? i may be visiting north wilkesboro later this year. 
  • hey all. i just bought the V1 of the firefly tattoo. I can't wait to implant! will update later on! 
  • hey everyone sorry, i've been off the boards for a while, had some life drama stuff i needed to sort out then i started a new job and have been working like crazy. so since we're all interested in going, i say grindfest is our best bet to meet up and then we can go from there for future meetings =) 
  • I've been following this for a while, mostly news articles from scientific magazines, basically you want to become a vampire. suck the blood out out of the young and inject it into yourself? haven't you Gen X'ers done enough to us millenials? you already destroy the global economy and housing market and now you're…
  • @birdhandz as far as i know, no, there isn't currently a way to genetically modify an adult, but what you suggested is more along the lines of what im suggesting, not doing anything toyourself that would alter your future children without their consent. @glims im not talking about just restricting things out right, like i…
  • yeah for sure =) 
  • so for the next two weeks it looks like i have saturday-monday off. and in september i maybe getting wednesday off as well, let me know if you guy want to plan something soon. DM me because i get that quicker then seeing comments on the board
  • what your asking kind of sounds like theft. i went to a CC and they had extremely strict access to the biology lab where the equipment was kept. colleges in america are profit machines, so they won't readily give anyone lab access, because the cost of the equipment, also, safety concerns, the last thing want is some…
  • tl;dr. are you trying to mod your own in your body? cuz thats not possible, atleast with the ODIN kit, i did do the fluorescent protein experiment, but we had to cold shock the bacterium, i highly doubt it would work on human cells, bacterium is easy because when you shock them the plasmid that contains DNA is more…
  • @zerbula, please post pics if you do it in your face! also you should get a tear drop tattoo and put it under that! 
  • @AlexSmith i would vote round, if it can come in blue =3 if not then flat is fine, im glad i saw this because i'm getting that itch to implant, but i'd rather wait until v2 comes out and have a bigger brighter one.
  • @lordfeng ill keep you and the others updated when we get a date set.
  • @cassox perfect, let me know when so i can try to get off work early, i need a new mag =( mine is starting to reject again...its weird, some times it looks fine but then other times it looks like its starting to come out =/ so im ready to pull it and maybe get something new. idk what i want first.
  • @jack thanks! 
  • if you do any implants in the chest i recommend going on top of the ribs. sometimes we need to puncture you in between the ribs to let out air that is escaping your lungs or blood thats filling your chest cavity (air in the chest cavity can happen spontaneously to anyone and even though its rare I've seen happen a few…
  • the human gene pool needs some chlorine in it, and thats all i have to say about that. 
  • sure, everyone is welcome, we can organize a a few days to meet up/hang out/implant. maybe do some touristy things in LA. once things get a little closer we nail down a date. i just have to know a week or two in advanced to get the time off :)
  • well you tried, a reasonable person would have killed themselves out of embarrassment by now. so 2+ internets for you lol
  • haha pot smokers are't even that stupid unless they burned themselves out. though usually they have to do more then smoke pot to do that. I'm in Los Angeles so i deal with all the dumb anti-GMO, organic, "won't put chemicals in my body" and "dihydrogen monoxide is extremely dangerous", anti vaccine girls who still slam…
  • haha i don't i work in medical well so i wear scrubs, im in retail right now but i just graduated and im taking my licensing exams right now to get that first job, once i have at least a year or two of experience under my belt i won't care too much. 
  • @proteus, please. please. please let me know! im free monday evening and i want to see this badly hahaha 
  • you are wrong. im a crazy cat GUY. not cat lady. if i was a girl i would have gotten a neck tattoo already for that very reason. i did have long hair at one point and was considering getting one a while ago, but i cut my hair short because i got tired of waking up 20 mins early to make it look like i gave a damn about my…
  • i had a feeling, but when you work with the public as much as i do, its hard to tell when someone is joking, or is seriously stupid. I'm always trying to combat the never ending onslaught of medical misinformation. 
  • if your big issue is with telling the tech about the magnet then don't worry, they will probably judge you, they are mere humans after all, however by law, no healthcare professional is allowed to share any information about your case or any identifying features about you. the most that they could say is " i had 35 year…
  • one last note: i messed up with my title on my post, i didn't get an M31 i got a paralyene coated magnet. opps. i was new when i got it put in and didn't realize the difference.