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  • Found a reader, now I have difficulty reading the chip :) baby steps.
  • @MeanderPaul - Finally got some time back, so I'm jumping right back into the door-way scanner. Will keep you posted... The biggest issue I see is getting enough gain to read through my arm (as I see it, the implant needs to be in my arm-pit). @AlexSmithWe spoke about this ages ago, and I've only just realised the…
  • @AlexSmith - Would you be open to sharing the schematic of your reader? I'd be keep to try and build my own and play with the various door-way options and share the results here.
  • Fair enough. Pretty sure they'll be just be loops too... But will definitely save time to reverse engineer it first. My initial thought about an anti theft device needs 'width' (i.e. if the loops were just 20mm in diameter (door-jam width) as opposed to 200mm+ on a usual device, you might not get enough pickup to read…
  • Hi Alex, If you build the module which was BLE (Bluetooth Low energy) and had the ability to 'plugin' two wires to extend the induction coil, we could easily run some wire in a loop and plug it in... It could be a multi purpose device. We'd need to do some test, but I'm guessing its more about the number of 'loops'…
  • Hi Guys, I've been looking into this for a while and thought I'd add my 2 cents into readers.. Personally, I'd prefer a doorway reader that reads every time I walk through the door. I've done some basic analysis and think it should be only a few loops of wire going around the entire doorway. From there, you could make some…