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  • Things to keep in mind also, the procedure is obviously like many things not risk free: Adverse Effects of Plasma Transfusion: Article is from 2012 and I guess we better understand and control these effects. Interesting to read that infections is not the main factor and…
  • thanks James, interesting.I will discuss this with my doctor at my next check up, he has an opened mind. Maybe i missed that part: if it works, how long does the effect last ? One has to re-do the transfusion every month ? year ?
  • I read about this in the news some weeks ago and now i must say your post makes me think. I'm 52 and have 2 teenagers at home within the "golden age bracket". How does one go about giving his/her plasma ? Or should i just take care of that while they sleep ? LOL. Not that i want to sell their plasma, i'm too selfish for…
  • I mean, if the goal is to demonstrate that a specific treatment or medicine or training has a positive impact on someone, then usually we should proceed with a randomized controlled double-blind trial. That means some participants receive the studied treatment/... then some others receive a placebo. After a certain period…
  • how people can affect the future ? or forecast the future ? these are 2 very different things. you seem to imply that we can affect the future. In which sense do you mean ? can you be more precise ?
  • Hey guys, new here, just jumping in... It would be cool to be "connected" to all the information available on the internet, without having to use a keyboard and watching a screen. For sure. But if we don't seriously upgrade the speed at which the human brain can process incoming and outgoing information, then these…