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  • For those with magnets: Do your implants affect your cell phone?
  • How small could you make the projector and the camera? The one they recommend is the Logitech Quickcam, but what's the smallest/least powerful that would still recognize gestures?
  • That glucose fuel-cell seems problematic though, as it would only really function in the clear, sparsely celled, glucose-rich spinal fluid. Anywhere else blood would gunk it up, or there wouldn't be enough glucose. The dental implant only appealed to me because of the titanium/bone fusion; could you implant a device into…
  • I admit, I missed the importance of the transdermal section construction. I was thinking something like the titanium with microscopic pores that dentists use for dental implants, though much shorter, and narrower, just a mount for an angled jack. Your right about the jack, too. It would have to be rather dainty in order to…
  • For a transdermal charger, what are the specifics angles and locations for attachment? For a long bone, like the femur or humerus, would you attach the receiving end of the TRS jack perpendicular to the bone with something similar to normal ITAPs? Or would it be better to attach pins to the bone, still sub-dermal and mount…
  • How much wiring is need for inductive charging?
  • As you said, you would need something piezoelectric to vibrate and it would need to be biologically compatible. Attachment and power would be problematic, as would would be finding the optimal location within the jaw or skull. As for wires, you could always use Bluetooth (the chip or some sort to receive and transmit) to…