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  • Okay, it's been 2 weeks. My tragus healed up just fine, but there's still a little bit of bruising at the entry point. The top 75% of the magnet is lined up with my tragus, the bottom 25% is situated just below it. The placement definitely feels better now that it's healed. I haven't put the amp circuit together yet, but I…
  • @Zerbula I've gotten a picture of mine at night with my cellphone camera (android) by switching to "pro" settings and taking a long exposure. It's really difficult to hold the camera steady, but the implant does show up brightly.
  • I just removed this implant. The positioning was starting to get annoying as the implant would move when I put my hand into a tight pocket, and I worried about hitting it on something. The implant was in for a year and 9 months, and I enjoyed it more than I didn't. If I get another implant in my hand, it'll likely be a…
  • * Riffing off of @Cassox 's idea, I wonder if the glow powder could be mixed into silicone or parylene to make a shaped, flexible glow in the dark implant. It would be brighter than the tattoo because you could add more powder, though perhaps not as bright as a similarly-sized Lantern, and it could be made into larger…
  • @McSTUFF can you clarify what you mean about starving the skin of blood flow even if something is contacting the epidermis? Is it because the implanted magnet would still be pushing upward from under the skin? I've tried to wear magnets as earrings before, with similar results. An addition to this design might be to add a…
  • It looks like it's about zebra finches, not zebras. Really interesting research, thank you for posting!
  • @Johnny3D , I would be very interested in trying out one of your implants if you're still planning on making extras.
  • I figured out how to take photos of my firefly using the camera on my phone (Galaxy S7). If you switch it to "pro," and then change the shutter speed to a few seconds, you can take a long exposure shot and it tends to pick up the dim light better. The only problem is that you have to hold the camera very still for it to…
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  • @Birdhandz, I would love to stay updated on this! It sounds super cool, and I look forward to hearing about it if you plan to do any more tests. Can you provide a link to wherever you purchased the powder from? I would love to play around with it if I can.
  • Since I implanted my firefly v1 in the back of my hand, it's become my default to move it back and forth when I don't have anything to do with my hands. It can move about 1.5 cm, and it's a good time killer.
  • Update! It's been a little over a month. The V2 isn't as bright as my V1, likely due to placement. I can flip it over with some difficulty, but it doesn't happen on accident. The puncture has healed into a pretty massive scar which itches every once in a while, telling me that it isn't, in fact, 100% healed.
  • @Zerbula, you put yours in your face, right? I hope it heals up quickly. I'm curious as to why you chose that location. Virtual high five for being one of the first people to implant a v2!
  • @aidoneus, the v2 with the big needle actually hurt less than the v1. I think that this is primarily due to the locations I chose (v1 in the hand, v2 below the collarbone). The v2 is also healing very quickly, which surprises me for such a big puncture.
  • @thetarn Here's a post with all of the info about my implant. I added a few pictures, but they're super blurry. I'm still figuring out long exposures on a phone.
  • Just implanted my v2! I'll make a post about it in a few days once it heals up a bit. I put it below my left collarbone, and the whole thing took about a minute. It was much less painful than I anticipated. I can see it very faintly now, but it's much less bright than the v1 I have in the back of my hand.
  • I just ordered one. I'll make a post about it after implantation. Thanks @AlexSmith!
  • I don't have very much experience in biology. Can somebody tell me a little more about what something like this can do? What are the implications of being able to (as I understand it) insert genes into human DNA?
  • What if there was a way to implant a UV light under a UV glow tattoo? You would see the glow of the light under the skin, as well as the shape of the tattoo above it.
  • The biggest issue with this is probably powering the implant. Alex Smith designed an implantable NFC-powered light, which used induction to power the light through the skin. Here's a video of it in use: Electroluminescent lights apparently require very high voltage, but little…
  • Hi @Jupiter, I can answer at least part of your questions. I have a V1 Firefly in the back of my hand between the first and second metacarpals. The light from the implant forms a fuzzy oval that's about 15mm long by 5.5 mm wide. The oval is shorter than the overall implant because the phosphor inside doesn't extend along…
  • I would love to be added to the list for an upcoming batch. Thanks, and I look forward to it!
  • @AlexSmith, I'm looking forward to getting the V2 as soon as it comes out. I'll probably ask a piercer or body mod specialist to implant that one for me, as I intend to put it below my collarbone, which would be difficult to do on my own.
  • @vorfotun, I ordered mine January 1st and received and implanted it last night (Feb 1). The box was addressed by hand, so I wouldn't be surprised if only a few people are in charge of shipping orders.
  • Good to know. I just ordered a green V1, and I'm pretty excited about it, whether or not it's going to be visible. I'm not sure when I'll put it in; probably whenever I find someone to help me. I'll make a post about it once I do; I've noticed that there is a lot less info available about fireflies than there is about…
  • @Xenodine, Does the implant create a visible bump on the back of your hand? I am thinking about getting a Firefly Tattoo between the index and middle metacarpals on my left hand, but I'm worried about the implant being noticeable during the daytime. 
  • @AlexSmith just curious: how many people already have this implant? Tens, Hundreds, Thousands? I'm really interested in getting one, but I'm probably going to wait to get a magnet first.