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  • @Zerbula *will revive you with strong drink. I just think its hilarious. XD
  • Yeah, that doesn't smell very good either. I used to burn so now the smell is old but still. *blehh* @Dragon5
  • I AM DYING. You guys...make my sides hurt...from laughing too hard. Please make this a thing. I'll buy it for my own man, if he'd consider it. So just from the opposite end, I'm all for it. 
  • I'd be ok with glowing temporarily. It'd kind of hard to explain why i was glowing when I walk into a dark room. Awesome conversation starter though! And I think that cancer will always be a concern in any case though I'll admit that I don't know biology very well.
  • PLEASE invite me to the radioactive dinner!! @katzevonstich
  • I've also seen the glowing rats and strawberries. Instead of rewriting your genes, couldn't it be ingested in some form and programmed to manipulate your cells? That sounds simpler. 
  • May I point out that cooked human flesh smells repulsive? It isn't a pretty picture. *blehh* @IvoTheSquire @Cassox
  • Magical. Just...magical...
  • Well I dont know about you guys but this sounds a lot like cyborg-yness and most SciFi whatever I could get my hands on always depicts Cyborgs ending poorly. I dont want to be a TRANShuman just an IMPROVED human. I dont want to be dominated by the tech but to control it. But then maybe I'm missing the point here? Anyways,…
  • right, thanks. I havent checked them out yet. I probably should...
  • Theyre just out cali arent they? or no?
  • I have not but if/when you develop a good enough product, let me know because I'm super OCD about knowing what time it is at all times. Its actually pretty annoying at times but if you guys come up with a way to constantly know what time it is, please hit me up. It would soothe my psycho side so much, lol.
  • @katzevonstich I know right? I dont think i would use them but i would def. be friends with anyone who did. lol
  • Which one is that? @JohnDoe
  • While I dont have any implants YET anyone who has read this over my shoulder or who i have thought of to talk to has given me the "nice conspiracy alien lover, now go put back on your tin foil hat" response (typically). My dad has gone so far as to call it a fad and a phase that our indie society will soon pass. Whats…
  • wow, i dont think ive ever seen so much drama on here ever. XD I am def. excited by the whole midnight capture the flag/manhunt thing. We could just find some random field and play till we fall asleep in our cars or something. Or even a quiet neighborhood and get sneaky. (i might bring some strong ass magnet just to fuck…
  • Thats ok haha. I figured you guys were making progress, i just wanted to know what progress where. @JohnDoe
  • well, have you seen the gloves that work as phones by making the same gesture? (heard from a friend, i should probably put some research into the legitimacy of such tech and how they work) maybe you could use that as a base and develop an implantable version that can work with the bluetooth. 
  • OOooOOhh, that sounds like fun. @chrisbot @AlexSmith is that with a silicone body?
  • well THATS informative/sarc. lol @johndoe
  • thanks @zerbula i just have to find a way to get my hands on the other metals. Ive been meaning to get myself tested anyway for other reasons i just have to get it covered by my insurance. And find time to do it. Ugghhh. I guess we'll see. Ill keep you updated because i know other people have similar sensitivities. 
  • First of all: BBBwWWWAAHAHHAAHHAAAHAA!!!! I have never laughed so much about vibrators in my LIFE. This is frickin awesome! :D Second: maybe think of rigging a wireless charger pad, like for phones? A mini lithium battery should be no biggy, so why not? maybe design it like a condom or a band and sleep with it.Third: lol…
  • Nope, ive been too concerned about this to go out and get one though i really want to. Im a bit nervous about the black ink now because that poses a definite problem. Though im not completely sure what ALL metals im allergic to, I know that nickel is definitely one of them. Im allergic to adhesives too, so no fake tattos,…
  • Im not into the conspiracy theories my self (though my mother could tell you stories about the government that would make you want to live in a hole) so the whole "connection" seems a bit silly. However, far be it from me to crush your dreams so ill just add how much this conversation amuses me. ;) 
  • @ChrisBot thanks, ill have to look in to that. It may be further mentioned that i have in the past reacted to 24karat gold earrings. Everyone that I mention it to says its "impossible" because 24k is supposedly pure. I dont know what the stats are for that and the it occurred a long time ago so they may have been plated…
  • I, however, am interested in psychological manipulation. Some of these practices has to have a least SOME psychological cons. Yes, to depression, @glims, as these kind of things tend to mess hormone levels, along with other symptoms. Being in the younger generation, I'm thinking now night be the time to prepare myself and…
  • SWEET! Ben(sorry, dont remember screen name), I seriously JUST moved out of slc. We should get together and work on that bluetooth design, as that has been a primary interest for me. im totally stoked for this project.Can't wait till this becomes commercially available, itd be totally awesome to connect to the amazon echo.…
  • What about the pupil dialation drops? Wouldn't that help with minimal light reception?