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  • I'm interested in purchasing one if theyre still available! I've had two m31's (wrist and ring finger) implanted for over 2 years now with no problems. Id love to put in another!
  • I had the same lack of results with Orexin and was pretty disappointed. The agitation thing is interesting because someone else told me to shake the bottle before using it each time haha. I'll have to try the Modafinil out. How has the experience…
  • @Daniel, The sensations you pick up from the magnet rely on it vibrating against your nerves. Silicone dampens vibrations.
  • @Ironalex, Exactly what I was thinking! I have no idea where/how to get just the electronic ink without it being in a device
  • @Cassox, I'm glad you know a lot about it. I had no idea it was actually a cheap procedure; is it elective at all or do you need a referral? I also didn't know that the magnet doesn't actually touch the skull but only the anchor part, I would have a…
  • Nice, thank's for the help :)
  • Sorry to revive this but I have a question. Since you just need an electrode sheet, couldn't you first have a regular tattoo made using e-ink, then have the sheet implanted under it? Since e-ink is literally charged ink inside of a microcapsul…
  • @McSTUFF That's exactly what I was thinking of doing. I thought it would be as simple as modifying a regular bluetooth headset or earphones to work with it. So you literally had it placed against your skull?
  • That is something else to think about though, thank you
  • That involves wearing an electro-magnetic necklace though doesn't it? I think having the magnet implant behind the ear makes more sense for my needs because I can just reverse engineer a small bluetooth headset to stick to it
  • Here's a link to the surgery guide for the Baha https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.cochlear.com/wps/wcm/connect/8eb51452-641c-47a5-b6b9-9223f25686c5/BUN226%2BISS2%2BJAN14%2BAttract%2BSurgery%2BGuide%2BUS%2…