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  • I'd go for that if it ever becomes reality. Any ballpark on the price? I'd be okay with $200 if it resolved all my curent concerns
  • Yes. It seems a bit like painted MDF. Any tiny flaw that lets any water in causes expansion that multipies the flaw... And water is drawn in..... and double, double again......... Hard can crack and soft can wear. It's like you just can't win with a single soloution. I think Multi layers is going to be the middle way.…
  • I was looking at the silicone coated magnets from Haworth but (and this may seem silly) I wondered if anyone has had both to know if the silicone buffered (dampened) the sensation of fine vibrations?
  • As an FX artist from way back, with a good bit of mold making under my belt, my idea for making a mold would be to make a mold 1mm or so larger than the object then apply 0.5mm tabs of epoxy to all sides to center the object as perfectly as possible. I would say for a disk magnet make the seam at the very top, not the…
  • Exited to see this as it's a material I was unawear of and I'd love to know more about it. I dug back a good bit and didn't see it so I wondered if there was a rundown on implantable materials (fda approved through experimental) as I have had a hard time gathering that info? Lastly, I was a SPFX artist in the 80s and…