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  • I got one of Samppa's in the side of my palm, about an inch below the bottom knuckle of my pinkie, can't feel any fields unless it is really powerful and close like holding on a welding gun or an electric impact gun/drill etc.
  • Given that he was face down in a sensory deprivation pod that was partly full of water would give a stronger indication of drowning. Ketamine was found in his pockets and the door to the pod was open when it should have been locked. It is pretty suspicious.
  • The cause of death is still unknown, the media likes to imply that the injection was to blame.
  • Another problem with the silicon coated magnets is that they tend to rupture around the edges, Samppa's Parylene coated magnets have a lot of long term success but are only available directly to body mod artists.
  • I recently bought a Blackview BV9000 Pro, competes with the best Galaxy and iphones but only costs $420 CAD or $325 USD and it works well reading my FlexDF tags.
  • 21 day update: infection or whatever was going on with the left Flex DF has gone and is healing well, all others healing well
  • 2 Week update FlexDF on left hand may have gotten infected or trying to reject, worked on it last night and it is starting to improve, all others are healing well.
  • Missed a day, here is an eight day update: Day one: was easily able to see the glow of the Fireflys. Day three: was feeling Samppa's magnet buzzing in my hand when a just over a foot away from an active microwave. Day five: I banged my Firefly on left side, nearly pushed it out, caused insertion point to bleed. Day…
  • @Cassox I'll definitely post update photos.
  • I went by using the same location I have seen others use and it seems like a good spot to me but, of course still too early to be sure
  • It's been seven hours and the Firefly V2s are bright and easy to see in dim light.
  • Every industrial battery I've worked with had a third of the power and cycle lifetime compared to a commercial one, go commercial or medical.
  • If only there was a perfect magnet out there that could last a lifetime and a way of safely getting the magnet there without shredding the nerves, maybe from the fingertip and insert under the nail without removing it, Then I'd be in.
  • Those are much too weak N40 magnets, they need to be N52 or higher and the gold coating may have good corrosion resistance but terrible mechanical properties and won't last long, damage is inevitable.
  • Verified lidocaine source that successfully ships to Canada: They sell powdered lidocaine HCL that is soluble in water. Process on how to make injectable form check guide here: For 2% single use vials: -weigh out…
  • @ThermalWinter I won't be making the welding machine, just mentioning that it's a feasible option and I am able to perform visual inspections via images from a microscope and provide directions for better weld performance. I am focused on dealing with magnet suppliers that are able to apply the coating themselves.
  • The source I am negotiating with uses a sealed 12μm titanium foil, still working on details. As for laser welding, I can check my connections (I am a welder) and should be able to find someone who knows someone among machinists and millwrights who can perform the welding for a case of beer (universally accepted form of…
  • Titanium and other bio-compatible coatings are expensive to produce, I have a source of N55s with a 12 micron thick titanium coating and other coatings like biocompatible aluminum but, costly and is going to require a significant investment just to get samples for testing so I have a few more details to iron out before I…
  • This the normal brightness of a V2? It is a lot brighter in the pic than real life, it takes nearly complete darkness just to see a hint of glow.
  • Implanted power source charged overnight via cordless charger? I'm tinkering with the idea of having a USB battery bank hooked to a Tesla coil in my jacket pocket as a potential recharging option.
  • Can't find anything on ingredients or valid reviews for it, based on multiple descriptions it just sounds like it supplements and boosts production of neurotransmitters like acetylcholine and an inhibitor that slows its consumption and probably a cocktail of aminos that are suspected to boost cognitive effects. There is no…
  • Found a few sources that ship to the USA, seems to have the best reviews, also mentioned in post I've no luck finding a Canadian source though, if anyone buys extra ampules and is willing to sell, I'd be interested in buying…
  • In that case, I'll delay starting the TB-500 until I have a shift in working conditions where it will be more beneficial, thanks.
  • I trust you coating magnets a lot more than myself trying to follow a procedure you're developing, the potential of gold and rhodium seems worth the investment, I'm interested.
  • Maybe will restock after they get a new magnet on the market Always using a new syringe and sharp, even a blunt draw needle; is this still a hazard?
  • Thanks, I did check out that site already and others and am getting mixed information regarding the effectiveness of spot injections for TB-500, I don't know if they are just assuming results based on steroids and I haven't been able to find any backing information supporting the spot injections, have you ever dosed only…
  • Out of stock at the moment, they say they restock weekly, I'll place an order when I can and find out.
  • I dug around a bit and this is where I would buy from this seems the most legit
  • @Johnny3D Nice prototype, how well did it glow prior to implantation with just ambient light? I think it would be interesting to try sealing some of that powder on one side of a pair of opaque eye contacts to see if the glow interferes with vision with a concept of developing glowing iris implants.
  • If you are going to use them no matter the advice, Test Enanthate 250 injectable, never use more than one new compound at a time and don't try anything stronger for a first cycle and for advice: DO NOT USE THEM, at your age there are many side effects and you will be afflicted by a few of them and then you have a PCT to…